There are just so many men here with no pics.

There are just so many men here with no pics.

Leena Created Apr 26, 2022 01:07

They need confidence and frankly speaking, no woman will reply to them if they don’t have any pics posted.


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Seyed Farzad

Apr 26, 2022 01:49

When I did not have a photo, sometimes they would respond to me, but I posted a photo a few days later ...
Some Sunni men here have long beards. I do not know why I am sometimes afraid of them Of course, cannot be judged by appearances


Apr 26, 2022 04:54


I think men should have their photos up, but women should be covered up in theirs. The only men uncovered women are going to attract on these websites, are men who want them for bad intentions or for their looks only, and good luck sustaining a marriage based on that, after 3 years the hormones no longer kick in to make that attraction a basis for the marriage, it'll be pure personality after that.

wa salam.


Apr 26, 2022 08:30

Boys usually have little confidence. That's men's territory. Can't have it all. You know that!

Uncle Sam

Apr 26, 2022 08:57

women write to me without a photo and often enough,

Uncle Sam

Apr 26, 2022 08:59

@ sayed the beard is the sunnah of our prophet (s.a.s)


Apr 30, 2022 20:16

Maybe it's the opposite, they are over confident. They don't post picture because they feel they are too important or highly that people will recognize them. They are certain that they will liked no matter what.


Apr 30, 2022 21:50

Trust me, no VIP finds a date online!

When I worked in the oilfields of Texas, there were only 1 woman there for every 3 men, but I would zero for most men because they all buzzed around the oil executives.


May 1, 2022 04:06

Livingitup... in my experience... men who are not that great looking usually don’t post their pics up.
Good looking men are often vain and post lots of pics on their dating apps or sites


May 1, 2022 04:11

What gets me is these “creeps” with no pics or as I like to call them “faceless” guys creeping on my profile or sending me messages as if I’d reply to them. What gives them the divine right to see my pic and I can’t?

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Deleted User

May 1, 2022 05:31

No women like you don't respond. And that's ok I'm not interested in women like you . I'm not interested in women who hart has this sickness. I look for compatible of the heart and on religious Matter's. You clearly look for different things. And that's ok just don't call us creeps for having different standers then you

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May 1, 2022 05:36

@Leena…. What you said “creeps” why would you say such a thing.. you know what I think, you like to showcase yourself , and you think everyone should do the same.

Seyed Farzad

May 1, 2022 05:42

What gets me is these “creeps” with no pics or as I like to call them “faceless” guys creeping on my profile or sending me messages as if I’d reply to them. What gives them the divine right to see my pic and I can’t?

How romantic and profound wow 😂😂😂

Seyed Farzad

May 1, 2022 06:14

Does the use of the word creep indicate that you said that men send messages to you out of lust?
It is good to know that there are men who seek marriage in order to start a family and achieve love and peace ...
It cannot be said that all men who do not have photos creeps!!!

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May 1, 2022 06:16

I mean sure, your way of thinking may not necessarily be wrong, however you do understand that already there are many, many limiting factors which narrow your choices. And on top of that if you decide that ALL guys with no pics are creeps, well then you may now have next zero choices.
And it really isn't true. You cannot just generalize and make blanket statements.


May 1, 2022 07:17

Leena... you are here for more than a year.You changed the name and the pictures and even the account nt. You did not find the men until now. You just become famous And that is not the thing i want for myself. Not in here !!! Yes, that is the answer. And no your experience with men and thoughts about men, are wrong. And the fact that you did not find someone, is not because of the "faceless people" Look at the mirror, and you see the responsible for it... The best place to find a wife or a husband. Is in the real world, And yes it goes for me too ... real people exist out there, in islamic centers, universities, places of work, parks, mosques, libraries, malls... It is not Haram to talk to someone that you find attractive or kind, and ask her or him if he or she wants to marry...
Go out there and don't fear your darkness, Fear is the liability of Chaitan... yes it goes for me too, i say this to me to you to everyone here, and I RESPECT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU HERE, and i wish you all the best in this Ramadan, and by the way HAPPY EID to everyone....and YES we are shy, Yes some people want visa, some people want a rich wife or husband, and yes there is scammers ... But this is life, i'm here time to time for more than a year, and you did too, and the other one and other one....It's life..but this is taking long, and it's not good for us.. I pray Allah so that everyone here will be happy inchaa'Allah in his life with a perfect partner inchaa'Allah. May Allah bless us all, and sorry for being long...


May 1, 2022 07:41


Your response is so mean and rude you didn't need to be so offensive like this. Why are you like this? In the end she's your sister in Islam even if you didn't agree with her. I'm Arabian and I've always found most Moroccans so cruel people. Most North African are like this but Moroccans in specific are on the top. Can you explain why? Why you guys don't have gentle hearts?

Seyed Farzad

May 1, 2022 13:41

There must be good-hearted people in Morocco and Africa. Five fingers are not the same dear please be calm and logic ....

Seyed Farzad

May 1, 2022 13:46

She is a beautiful girl and she has the right to look for someone who likes to.... talk about a lifetime
Why you are angry!


May 1, 2022 19:04

Seyed Farzad

Of course there are, and I didn't say all of them. I speak about most of them. In a way that whenever you meet one you'll find them cruel. Well, I guess this can apply for Arabs in general, when they are the ones who should follow the prophet's manners the most.


May 1, 2022 19:56

Leena vs Creeps - https://youtu.be/JcGVXr4M8T0

Lady A

May 4, 2022 19:25

you are on a free Muslim site and you think the "creeps" will behave and you think they will not send any message to a beautiful person like you

I personally don't comment or even bother to go on the forum... To much negative comments and allot of abusive

The amount of abuse I have encountered on this site is just unbelievable.
There are very few good men on this site but they don't seem to be serious or know how to communicate.

So Leena, if you don't wanne be contacted by "creeps" or be mentally abusive, don't be online

Take care sis
Salam alikum


May 4, 2022 23:59

I'm sure she understand what i said very well, and she did not see it as Mean or Rude, because she is not weak like you. Yes if anyone sees that i was mean, then you are stupid..stupid to talk about my country first of all..and and very very weak, when truth and logic hurts you. I don't need to be rude if you feel weak ... most of guys are not men. Man up ! And Leena deserve my respect with or without your permission. But sometimes ones have to say the thing that hurt..and i wrote that those words goes both ways, for me and her. So it is an adult to adult speech. If you felt hurt lil boys, step aside or just continue blaming wathever makes you comfy ..tsss


May 5, 2022 00:28

Oh and when u said Moroccans are so cruel. imagine them all gathering around you in the day of The Judgment just because of your sentence here Good luck with that.... and you know what, in fact my family and i am more arabian than you, but it's not important, it dose not mean i'am better .. i'am not like the one who said to Allah "i'am better than him". No sir, i'm not better. That's why i said to leena (again) i said to her, "this goes for me too" It means that all what i said , i said it to me , to her, to you, to youu... understand ? comprende ? compris ? Thank you. Have a good day/ Good life, and May Allah forgive us all, and grant us his blessings and forgiveness. Ameen


May 5, 2022 19:16

Hello miss canada, how are u


May 6, 2022 00:17

Didn’t read all the messages here.. but I have gotten many dates on other sites and have actually been on dates. But I’m still taking my time to find a nice suitable guy with a good job. Also, most of the dates I get are from white Canadian non Muslim guys so that’s kinda limiting to me because of my religion. (And they don’t marry mostly)
Al Manzour is a creep. I don’t even know him. Yet he knows so many details about me. Creepy guy with no pic.


May 6, 2022 00:18

Al manzour is also mad because I probably rejected him due to him being creepy


May 6, 2022 00:38

lol Amir hahaha... I kid you not...I think it actually happened to me lol.
Beastly looking men with such standards that even young Brad pitt and Tom Cruise wont have haha...lol
These ugly to average looking men's moms probably gave them a false high sense of self esteem.

Seyed Farzad

May 6, 2022 02:58

The girl who is looking for Brad Pitt!
As much as I think you are not ready for marriage!


May 6, 2022 04:11

^I am not. You misunderstood my comment.

Seyed Farzad

May 6, 2022 13:21

Based on your previous comments, what is clear to me is that you care a lot about appearance. I am not saying that appearance is not important, but there are more other important things


May 6, 2022 18:30

^Maybe you can’t comprehend.
I said nowadays below average men have high standards that even truly good looking men don’t.
And in regards to no pic... ya I only message to people with pics here....(no pic means they have psychological problems aka low self esteem). Or they are creepy in my experience (hence the guy above who claims to have known me for a year and I didnt even know his existence until this forum


May 6, 2022 22:21

Aslam o alaikum everyone.
Dear Leena its your post about pics.
My question is that i have put pics to my profile.. then why don't you reply me yaar.. 😟


May 7, 2022 03:52

Truth is, Leena is waiting for Prince Ali Ababwa - https://youtu.be/mT_8FAMsmCM


May 7, 2022 04:13

I'm mad because you probably rejected me ? "Probably" i like the word !! I see rings on both middle fingers of yours, means "Emotionally unstable" Probably ! Don't be mad Leen. It's just probability. We can learn a lot of things from a picture..i don't know what religion do you have, or what god do you worship..i don't think we have the same. I wish you good luck, and to everyone here.


May 7, 2022 05:11

Lol whatever


May 7, 2022 21:32

May Allah bless everyone
Miss leena you are not wrong and other's also
Everyone having one right to be what they are...
Some agreed some not
About pictures dear it's important for me to see face whom you are going to face whole understanding life
But it is more important to know someone's mentality status
how they perceives things
how they react when angry or when not agrees your ideas
how people behave with strangers
Standard they judges others
how they respect elders and opposite gender and many more all these are the main reasons for liking and accepting
Faces are good looking or educational certificates or age differences financial status all these things are for people who want to live or marry with commitments of many negatives or comprises
You like beautiful face only ok you must comprises
negativity of person
You like rich ok comprise with your independence
Etc etc

Seyed Farzad

May 7, 2022 23:55

Why do you deny that appearance is not important to you!
Honesty is the best way of life
I express who I am without any politics or hesitation

Seyed Farzad

May 8, 2022 00:00

علیکم السلام
First of all, I must say that your suit is beautiful
Especially your tie is fantastic
If she says no to you, there must be other girls who love you!
Love is a precious thing, never beg it Because they do not give anything precious to a beggar!

Hilal ***Forums Only***

May 8, 2022 12:35


As Salaam alaikim,

@Leena, you are correct that many men don't have any pics up on there profile. There are also many women that don't have their pics up on their profile and I am one of them.

There are many reasons why someone may not want to post their pic, one of them being for privacy reasons.

For me, the reason I didn't ever post my pic on my profile is because as someone mentioned above, it's more important (for me) to know what someone is like morally and as a person in general first.

Sharing pics came later with me, and it's my business.
If someone didn't like that I wouldn't share my pic, then obviously they weren't the right one.

This can also be the case with men, my Sister.
Maybe they value their privacy.. .maybe they also don't want to share their pic before there has been at least a little communication. There are also many other reasons for this.

I have responded to men that don't have a profile pic in the past and I have actually found that (at least the ones that I corresponded with) many of them are real and seem to be decent people, Allahu alim.

I also discovered that several men that have profile pics up are fake, and I know that goes for women also.

My point is, you can't speak for everyone.

May Allah bless, guide and protect us all, Ameen

Hilal ***Forums Only***

May 8, 2022 12:38

No one can speak for everyone.. yet people try to do it on here all the time.
I wasn't addressing you as if you are the only one.
I only commented on it because the way you phrased it, you were speaking for all women.

Thanks for sharing your point of view and may you and everyone be blessed with good mates, Ameen


May 8, 2022 12:48

@Hilal forum
You are absolutely right
Funny thing is I was not serious in my early age at 30 and many pictures i posted while I was like fake but now I am very serious and don't want to post pics but want to know seriousness of the person

Seyed Farzad

May 8, 2022 13:32

So you were posting a fake photo at the time, was your goal anything but marriage!
I think you're just preaching that you're serious right now !
I hope your goal is really marriage here


May 8, 2022 15:07

@seyed farzad
No Brother I posted my own pictures but I was not serious but not flurt


May 8, 2022 16:24

@Leena are you a feminist? And if so what are your thoughts on what a wife should be in a marriage?

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May 10, 2022 04:12

Frankly, I reply to profiles that don't have a photo. And I've had profiles that msg me, and I don't have a photo. And frankly, low self esteem ain't a psychological issue, schizophrenia, bipolar are, but not a bit of low self esteem. And frankly, you can't see beauty yet, I can only hope people like you will be able to one day. Yet, I do know that people that wear make up aren't able to be confidant with their own appearance yet, and don't have self esteem yet. Most people are savy enough to stay safer and not put a photo of themselves.

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May 10, 2022 04:20

Like attracts like though...that's what they say.

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May 10, 2022 04:22

Most profiles are not genuine, that's why there are many profiles without a photo. You honestly can't be that silly.

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May 10, 2022 05:30

Your a very unkind person Leena. I hope you grow up one day. I've met people your age that have a better outlook and maturity than where you mind is at.

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May 10, 2022 05:31

So hurtful and don't even realise it. It's arrogant of you.


May 10, 2022 10:16

Frankly you are Frankly leena is not arrogant but ignorant


May 10, 2022 11:06

As Salam wa alaykum regarding brothers or sister not having their picture on show that's their total right not to and may Allah bless all the sister who dont marriage is not only about eyes nose and lips more importantly it's about the heart which cant be seen vie a picture yet stands out clearly vie someone's actions words and belief. Islamic clothes are fard to be worn outside by the way


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