Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Faizzan Created Jan 12, 2022 03:35

What is the best way to have peace of mind?
Have you ever feel the situation where you think that you won't get peace of mind even if you get all the luxury?

Is this okay to use drug for instant relief?


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Jan 12, 2022 04:14

Not ok off course.

To have a great amount of peace in your life I would advise you to Read suraht (AlBaqarah)everyday, it will only take an hour from your day, trust me your whole life will change.

Another thing you can do is pay Sadakah for poor people, make it regular (preferably orphans).

Always thank Allah for the blessings he gave you in your life and try to appreciate them everyday.

Trust in Allah, and always believe that whatever happens to you is for good. Because who's managing your life is the Almighty Allah the most merciful and generous.

And last but not least, try to stay away from sins as much as you can.


Jan 12, 2022 05:04

@precious .. thanks I would try to follow this.. jazak Allah


Jan 12, 2022 09:03

Faizzan life can be difficult brother but sometimes you just have to keep on going and enjoy life in a halal way

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 12, 2022 11:21

@Faizzan, "Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace" (Qur'an 13:28).
"And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed [i.e., difficult] life, and We will gather [i.e., raise] him on the Day of Resurrection blind." (Qu'ran 20:127)

Try reciting or listening to the Qu'ran, inshaallah, you'll have peace of mind. Equally important, avoid sins, they harden the heart, cause stress and depression.

Additionally, keep away from negativity, stress and do things that make you happy. I can give you one example, if ladies here reject or block you, never come back till you're happy and your esteem is raised again. For instance, if you like watching videos, walking, eating delicious meals, procrastinating, whatever that makes you happy, do it till you're normal and then come back.

For me, stress ended the day I believed in three things;
1. What is meant for me will never miss me and what missed me was never meant for me.
2. Even if all the creations are to gather at one place to benefit me or harm me, they won't do so except for what Allah ordained for me.
3. Wondrous is the affair of a believer, as there is good for him in every matter; this is not the case for anyone but a believer. If he experiences pleasure, he thanks Allah and it is good for him. If he experiences harm, he shows patience and it is good for him.

With those in mind, I never worry or get stressed by anything. Why? All my affairs are already written for me,...and the ink is dry. I can't change anything. Then, why should I worry about sth I can't ctr? It's solves nothing. Why should I get stressed by sth I can ctr, just change it. I buy happiness by all means, and I never condone negativity around me.

I give an example. I always felt drained after chatting people, why? Am sensitive, I don't like the way they respond. So, I decided to get rid of all people and only remain with those I feel good after conversating with. Consequently, I only remained with my best friend, my sister, my parents and my "special" person. Only, and, alhamdulillah, they're sufficient for me. I learnt people's behaviour and I accept them the way they are.

In short;
1. Be close to Allah through dhikr and Qu'ran or any other form of ibadah you enjoy doing.
2. Avoid unnecessary sins, be quick to leave them if you find yourself doing them no matter the relapse.
3. Sorround yourself with positivity and do things that make you happy.
4. Avoid negativity and things that make you sad...or, look things that will neutralize them.

Allahu aalam.


Jan 12, 2022 16:07

Musab, who is your “special“ person? Lol

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 12, 2022 17:18

Ah, 😂, only the chosen few know about that person. I don't share personal information anyhowly, but, out of curiosity, (s)he's here, (s)he can raise his/her if (s)he wants. I need his/her permission to mention him/her. Anyway, his/her initials are J.M (H).


Jan 12, 2022 18:21

It’s not that i want to know their Identity but more of a case of if you already have a special person why are you on a matrimonial site. Now I’m being nosey I know 😀

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 13, 2022 18:31

I completed my search last year, alhamdulillah and am successful...now, am not interested in any new relationship.
My sole purpose of coming here, if I was to reveal it to you is more about learning. Dating is a secondary aim.
I can comfortable argue that I have read almost all these posts and comments, from day 1, alhamdulillah, and I have learnt a lot.
No single comment or post has missed me, and it helps me a lot, to be knowledgeable and know people and issues in general.
That's why am appreciative, I doubt if Icould have been this way if I couldn't have come to helahel community. Thanks all.
I like learning controversial and interesting topics, wherever and whenever; here, in you tube, physically when I meet people, imagine, even with my dad, mom, friends, schoolmate, patients, medics, who ever.
Just to get their views. Even if they're against my beliefs. Why? You learn a lot!
People think that the purpose of sharing information is to change others, no, you can't guide someone, it's to learn them and appreciate them and see if you can derive sth.
Learn from everyone.
My Allah increase our wisdom and knowledge.


Jan 14, 2022 15:52

You seem like a very sensible person. May Allah reward you and bless your marriage and make it a successful one. Ameen

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 14, 2022 20:55

You too, may Allah guide you, easen your affairs and make you successful in both worlds.

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Deleted User

Jan 15, 2022 15:28

Assalam o Alaikum wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu 🌹💕..
Dear Brother hope you will be feeling great.. My dear never use drugs for relief .. First of all , let me tell you the reason of depression then i will tell you how to get rid of such kind of situation right.
The reason is of having disturb mind is doing such sort of things that islam doesn't allow like not performing prayer 5 time, not reciting Quran, Not giving Zakat, Listening Music, watching movies , keeping illegal relationship (i.e having girl or just female friend), telling lies, stealing, fornication, drinking vines , treating your parents with irreverence, Back biting, being arrogant etc.

Now how to get rid of depression So you do the following things for relief ..
1).. Repent to Allah with the cores of your heart from major and minor sins ( Not performing prayer 5 time, not reciting Quran, Listening Music, watching movies , keeping illegal relationship (i.e having girl or just female friend), telling lies, stealing, fornication, drinking vines , treating your parents with irreverence, Back biting, being arrogant etc.

2) Do Hijama (Wet Cupping ,Cupping therapy) for fast therapy.
I do mostly cause its Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Sallalaho Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam. Search the benefits of Hijama on Google.

2)Read Durood every time .

3) Forgive people for their mistakes.

4) Do appologize to those who are angry with you.

5) Make your get up according to Sunnah.

6) Try your level best to do friendship with religious people and stay away of un religious people.

Isha Allah you will be ok forever.. 😊😊.

JazakAllah o Khairan Fiddunya Wal Akhira for asking our opinion..❤️❤️❤️


Jan 15, 2022 16:10

@muhammed walaikum asslam brother ..
I don’t have any bad habit but yes I skip salah the most .

I recite ashtagfar as much as possible ..


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