Why can't people accept NO MEANS NO

Why can't people accept NO MEANS NO

Salam882 Created Jan 12, 2022 03:17

As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters. I am new to this site and I'm also in the process of getting close to Islam. I would say right now in my life, I am on a spiritual journey. I'm just seeing what's out here on this site. Unfortunately I am coming across such aggressive men. I personally stopped responding to men who have no picture on their profile and no information on their profile. Some men on this site were vulgar when messaging me. I would stay polite as much as I could but they would erupt because I would let them know we have nothing in common. I do eventually block them, but they would make more profiles and harass me. If you are going to attack my physical appearance, just move on. If you are going to be nasty towards me, move on. I have not met a practicing Muslim on here yet. Where in Islam does it say you can threaten a woman's life just because she rejects you? Where? IT DOESN"T SAY THAT ANYWHERE

For the women on here, please be careful because most men on this site have other motives. May Allah protects us from the wicked inshallah.


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Jan 12, 2022 03:30

Probably I also have sent msg to you.


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Jan 12, 2022 05:53

I truly agree with you. Men on this website do not know how to talk. No decent language at all. I am really disappointed.
I pray to Allah to give hidayah to all those people and may Allah protect all women. Ameen
May you be successful finding your life partner. Ameen


Jan 12, 2022 06:44

I didn’t misbehaved with any women here , even though they are rejecting blocking me .. lol

Actually everyone here ( specially women ) have too much big dream .

There list of *confition apply is too much long .
That’s why they can find easily


Jan 12, 2022 07:23

You are right sister it is very disappointing.


Jan 12, 2022 08:54


To my sisters plz be careful. To my brothers please remember the Islamic etiquette when conversing...

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 12, 2022 12:22

And speak to people kindly. (Qu'ran 2:83)
Let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day speak good, or keep silent; (Hadith)
“Speak what is good and acquire gains, or refrain from speaking evil and be safe.” (Hadith)
Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Whoever can guarantee (the chastity of) what is between his two jaw-bones and what is between his two legs (i.e. his tongue and his private parts), I guarantee Paradise for him."

Both Allah and the prophet emphasized we safeguard our tongues; we either speak nicely or keep quiet. We can get Jannah for that, biidhnihi.

About s e x, well, I believe, 99% of us want only that. It's a sign of Qiyamah...s e x will be common. What I know is that it's the duty and responsibility of ladies to control that, men can't ctr themselves.

“The Hour will not commence until people mate in the streets just as donkeys’ mate.” I asked, “Will that really happen?” He ﷺ said,
“Yes, it most certainly will happen.”

May Allah help us in these, s e x and speech, if we excel, then we have jannah, inshaallah.


Jan 14, 2022 22:07

When no sounds like now?

Just here 4 the Forums

Jan 15, 2022 02:52


MashAllah, May Allah reward you for those great reminders.
I respectfully disagree with this statement:

"About s e x, well, I believe, 99% of us want only that. It's a sign of Qiyamah...s e x will be common. What I know is that it's the duty and responsibility of ladies to control that, men can't ctr themselves."

It's the duty and responsibility of both men and women to control this.
That's why we are taught to lower our gaze. That includes me.
So, men also have to control themselves.

Wa Allahu alim

Just here 4 the Forums

Jan 15, 2022 02:53

*That's why we are taught to lower our gaze, that includes men."

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 15, 2022 03:28

You're very right, but think it this way, men have stronger urges possibly than women. They'll often initiate it. Meaning, the woman who is less interested is the one that can decide to say no. For men, it's very difficult to refuse when approached...too difficult that Jannah is promised to a man who refused to comply to her request.

I tried to talk about this topic in details but it seems that it's a naked electric wire, whoever touches it get electrocuted. Its fine, ants are small and can easily be killed. But it's only a stupid person who think that they can be completely be wiped out. Yes, terrorist will still exist even if they're all killed!

May Allah make it a reality, soon. Yes, I'll, inshaallah.

Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 15, 2022 03:52

Prevention vs control,
Prevention is for all of us,
But only women can easily control.

So, lowering gauze; men walking in front of women, men not giving their hands to ladies, women being under hijab, women not exposing their voices to non-Mahrim are all prevention measures and they equally cut across.

But what about control, a warning was issued by the prophet that if a woman denies her husband s e x without any valid reason and her husband sleep while angry with her, the woman is cursed by angels till morning. I haven't seen a hadith warning men on the same...may be a few individuals who fast the whole day and pray the whole night...

I was told that animals are very discipline when it come to s e x, they only meet for procreation. Who brings the discipline, men, no, they're always hunting endlessly, it's the ladies who dictate whether or not it'll happen.

I think it's the same with humans, sb said, ladies choose who they'll have children with but it's the men that'll choose who they'll marry.

Does it make sense now?


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