imad94 Created Jan 11, 2022 07:38

all women in this site just for play not serious or want marriage or just want man rich and have much money ..^^


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ڈاکٹر محمد عبد الله

Jan 11, 2022 11:30

Yes most of them are jokers and feminist ,except afew.


Jan 11, 2022 12:04

The men here only care about sexual attraction. They only care about a woman they can have s*x with. They are not looking for a wife instead they are looking for a *****!


Jan 11, 2022 13:48

All women in this site are from different categories.
1- 50% fake profile from the scammers + websites itself.
2- 10% from men that sociologically sick + their well knowing profiles.
3- 20% married women or let's say going to be divorced in the near future.
4- 10% curious to find someone, not yet sure about the whole idea to marry now.
5- 10& are looking for a serious relationship but yet they can not commit themselves.

I was very optimistic when I give you 10% for the serious one but there are more logical reasons, like they can't relocate to another country and some of them still have young kids. Some of them want someone local nearby. Some of them wants a short relationship cos they have kids and they feel a bit shy to have a stepfather that lives nearby.

I had a Dutch white women, I mean, she had that feelings. So not only with our Eastern women. I am sure there more reasons but the problem is, once the woman get married and divorced she will develop some kind of fear when they think to have a second relationship. Here I may feel sad for them cos there are really bad men out there and they are lucky b*t**s, they never respect women even they get an angle with them, this will be never enough for those bad men. I have seen those lucky men in my life but s**t happens.Those lucky men always get the virgin girl but they deserve no woman.😐


Jan 11, 2022 13:50

Sorry I mean, an angel🤣


Jan 11, 2022 21:20

It’s the same old story. Some women are looking for financial security as much as some men are looking for physical attraction


Jan 12, 2022 02:30

No, men still searching for beauty, but women these days not searching for financial security only - they are searching for everything.


Jan 12, 2022 07:37

Some women want financially stable men, nothing wrong with that, still better than men who are seeking for women they can have s*x with. Disgusting!


Jan 12, 2022 08:51

Jamila, there’s nothing wrong for a man to marry or not to marry someone because of their sexual desires. However, it is wrong to marry someone based on their physical appearances. We are taught there are a number of different reasons why a man would marry a woman and which one of these qualities a man should choose.

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Jan 12, 2022 20:02

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world


Jan 12, 2022 23:35

Jamila, there is nothing wrong with men seeking a wife for that reason.

In fact, I could make the complete opposite argument: some men are looking for a wife in order to lawfully satisfy their desires, whereas some women only want a man for his money. Pathetic!

See what I did there? The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to marry a man who can provide for her, just like there’s nothing wrong with a man wanting to get married to a woman to satisfy his desires. Those are fundamental reasons to get married.

Just here 4 the Forums

Jan 17, 2022 20:05

There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to get married to keep things halal, and this is true for men and women.
In my opinion, it is not disgusting, it is halal.


Jan 18, 2022 08:40

One of the reasons marriage is encouraged in Islam is to allow sexual desires to be satisfied


Jan 19, 2022 21:48

Salam882 .Assalam alaikum. Don't speak like that for all the brothers. I want to marry legally. marry me please!


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