Funny story

Funny story

Ratna Created Jan 9, 2022 01:23

Salam everyone..

I have a funny story i want to share.
A few days ago., i met a guy frm turky and he asked me whatsapp number.. I gave to him my number . And not wait long he send message but the funny is...

Theres two different number say hello to me..
Introduce him self both have same name but one men told me he is a teacher and bagging me for love.
And the other one is police with strong attitude ..
Got confuse and laugh in same time. i gave my number to one person but came up with 2 scammer chat me hehehhehe..

Just share, and be smart.


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Jan 9, 2022 03:23



Jan 9, 2022 23:44

Thank you for sharing sister! lots of dishonest men on here
take care


Jan 10, 2022 00:44

Take care sist.. And goodluck.
Remember dont send money to guy frm dating site.


Jan 10, 2022 01:59

There are so many scammers here, that's why I won't share my photos except with people we believe are not scammers. And it's better to prove each other by making a short video call, and once is enough. The hint is mandatory to mention the name and a bit of information on the profile to prove that it's really the same person.

And I also rarely give out my phone number, preferably using an email address or Skype.

Another characteristic of a scammer is that when we have provided a contact address, for example an email, he will email us but ask for something that is already listed on the profile, meaning he has not read our profile details (and I will skip it and no more reply). Because I have provided very detailed information so there is no need to spend a lot of time asking each other. If he's read it and it fits, please contact, if he doesn't feel right, he doesn't need to contact me.

But I'm grateful here to get a lot of experience meeting scammers and psychopaths who behave obscenely. Experience makes us smarter in choosing, even at the beginning of communication it is easy to detect he is scammer or real.

I am also grateful to have found many good friends and not scammers, female or male. Even though we didn't match, we were good friends, exchanged phone numbers and even had a friend open a whatsapp group so we could discuss a lot about Islam.

Hopefully our other brothers and sisters will not be fooled again by scammers. Too bad they use their intelligence not to work in a lawful way but to cheat. May Allah guide those deceivers to repent and return to the right path.

Tq for sharing Sister Ratna, may Allah grant you a good future partner soon, aameen....


Jan 10, 2022 02:09

There are other ways to make sure someone is serious about marriage or just wants to cheat, chat, or play games.

Use walee to be a liaison. If he wants to be serious and understand that in Islam there is no dating, then please contact our walee. If our walee provides recommendations, the relationship can be continued.

One thing that needs to be ensured, if we are from different nationalities and countries. Ask him if he is ready to come to our country to marry us and then take us to his country? If he can't, it's better from the start, there's no need for further communication. This is so we don't waste time doing things we don't need.


Jan 10, 2022 02:57

@salam882 .. I’m not dishonest or fake


Jan 13, 2022 17:04

Good to hear that our sisters are now more aware how scammers work. I just want to add. Be careful from something you all need to know about. When you go to your email inbox, never click on a message from a strenger email address. Those also goes to your smartphones, tablets, PCs.

Why, the new method now is when you "just" click to open the message, they will automatically download a virus or a worm in your device. What will happen is, that they lock your device with a message to your screen, that you need to call this number to solve the problem. And when you call "most people do" . they will tell you, you need to pay this amount of money to unlocked your device.

I know most people now have no security in their smartphones or tablets, so what you put in those devices, like your genuine name, bank account number, house address. They will see that, and when you call them they will give your your full name and address to convince you that this a legitieme company and they know this problem, cos they get a signal. 🤣

So you will pay them and they will delete the virus or a worm from you device. You go and smile.😅
Watch Indian scammers?😉


Mus'ab bin Umeyr

Jan 13, 2022 19:34

Are those who know equal those who know not? May Allah protect all of us.


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