Let's have some fun but don't laugh! Haram😂

Let's have some fun but don't laugh! Haram😂

Samer Created Jan 5, 2022 20:23


0:34 Wudu with Air in Saudi Arabia, saving water for planet earth.
2:10 Salafi Sheik is saying, without your beard, your sins will not go away, beardless men be aware.
3:11 Skip the Wudu and pray in the water.India
3:28 Pray and hold your breath, Morocco.
4:20 Tarzan praying and Cheetah is watching. India
4:53 Monkey prying time. India
5:10 Military paring time.Asia
6:04 Catch me if you can, formule 1 style. Asia
7:42 Praying on speed of light mode. Asia
8:40 Suicidal pray.Don't do that in Russia.
9:01 Praying on time, wasting nothing, keep driving.
9:13 No time wasted, praying time on your car
9:32 Pray on your sole in Makkah.
10:15 Pray on your brother backside, be careful from gas explosion., I mean silent gas, you can see it or hear it.😵
10:50 Turkish neck exercise.
11:03 The holy dance, Morocco.
11:25 Halal Breakdance.
11:44 Kung Fu, 7 against 1, how dare you.
12:24 Qadhafi, who are you!
12:31 Salafi style, Iran causing all of that.


Who is the winner in the higher jumping competition. Don't laugh, Haram🤣


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