The old & modern western colonial mentality & their justice system!!๐Ÿ‘น

The old & modern western colonial mentality & their justice system!!๐Ÿ‘น

Samer Created Jan 4, 2022 17:27

Let us not forget the atrocities and the plundering of a sovereign country in the Middle East. 44 western and their lackey countries in 5 continents destroyed Iraqi infrastructure, electricity plants, water installations, oil industry, bridges, airports, agriculture, including reserve gold, banks and treasures from ancient cities like Babylon, Sumer of course all Museums.

This only happen in the first 4 weeks, they had with them mercenaries like Blackwater a private military companies, they mean, ready to kill any time when the zionist entity want. What you know, what Hitler did in the WW2 this was 10 times greater, all of this to please the zionist entity.

If you read about Iraq or Mesopotamia the Greeks name for it. You will be amazed. This country is old in the history and it's people contributed for 1000 of years for humanity from everything you can imagine, I am not going to talk about their history cos I will need years for that but to give you 2 of their inventions. The Code of Hammurabi and The Baghdad Battery. In the website below you can see the Battery, they have a clear image, you can search more about the whole story.

This country did nothing wrong to any western country, yet they hate their people cos they are strong people in this planet and they can easily build their land again and again. The west know that this country can be the first world country in a very short time therefor they must be continuously destroyed, so after 2003 to this day, the country can't build itself because of the western hegemony and continuously bombing them with drones or sending ISIS into their cities, they are the hiding mercenaries for the west.

To add more salt to the Iraqi suffering and injuries, they knighted one of the most living criminal in this world a knighthood by a German, a queen of England, Tony B-lair. Welcome to democracy and human rights system. Fooling only themselves and the sheep. ๐Ÿคฎ The Irish and the Scottish don't give s**t about the pedo family, queen of bees.The whole western system to this day can't produce a system like Hammurabi a fantastic Babylonian King 4000 years ago.

This website deleted my post a week ago. If you delete this one, you are equally to Tony Blair, per definition and coward from the obvious truth and a zio servant.




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Jan 5, 2022 17:34

May Allah help the Iraqiโ€™s and Muslims around the world who are being persecuted. Ameen


Jan 6, 2022 22:59

Thank you for your wishes, you are the only person here, your Islamic ethics is still intact. I will add. May Allah help everyone in this planet that fight to bring justice everywhere. One of the Islamic rules is Justice, when you lose that as a person you lose everything. My wish Include Julian Assange, remember he is unofficially imprisoned for 10 years now in so called democracy system or a fake justice system. Because of 1 thing, showing the world how a US Apache helicopter killing Iraqis civilians including children, laughing and run over their bodies. If you don't know what the evil state did watch this clip? And this was the tip of the iceberg.

I thank Julina and his team, there are 1.6 millions of Muslims, they could not do what you did for a Muslim country like Iraq and Afghanistan, we will never pay you back. I really hope to see you free again from those evil regimes. ๐Ÿ™



Jan 7, 2022 00:32

You hit the nail on the head , fake justice. Also, fake democracy...


Jan 7, 2022 01:33

Actually I didn't correctly describe democracy, it is not fake, it is a like this..... foxes + wolfs asking sheep to vote for them. They always win either side, the only losers are the sheep and that is a democracy.What more shocking is that in most European countries like UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, and more.

When the winner party win, the new prime minster go to the Queen/King to show her/him the new cabinet name list and if she/he dose not accept some names she/he will reject that and that poor elected prim minster will need to go back to find other names in his party. So in realty there is no system at all, it is another kind of dictatorship but with another name, Queens and Kings. And the world still think we have a system that build for people and not the opposite.

And most Queens and Kings in the west are fake just like in UK and in The Netherlands, now we have a King, he married an Argentinian woman, her father was a member of the Argentine junta under a ruthless dictator President Videla. Those fake people are ruling others for centuries they are just dictators but with other clothes, they do everything, money laundering, child trafficking, drugs business, they are in bed with most evil people, I can talk about them for hours.



Jan 8, 2022 02:41

Been hearing of crisis in Lebanon for 2+ years but hardly find any Lebanese girls on dating sites!!!


Jan 8, 2022 12:16

You live 3 years behind the world, too much green plant not good๐Ÿ˜‚
Now we have another western coup d'etat in Kazakhstan the special intelligence center busy with their groups to start a war just like what they did in Syria since 2011 and in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan was a direct war from the west. They failed in Ukraine and Taiwan and now they open another front, the west can't live without wars. All done by the zios.


There a lot of Lebanese woman looking for marriage but you can search from an Arabic websites. It can be the same problem like here, so to go there is much better. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jan 10, 2022 19:38

I did mentioned who CONTROL the west and now they want to take the whole worlds.They are all here in the west but they can't get the east.They are waging wars since 2 centuries. Go back a bit and read from WW2 and who cause all of that.

I advice you and everyone here to see this old movie, it is a wake up call for everyone, you will understand the whole game. The movie produced in 1988, old before most of people here. The movie was a hit in 2 weeks in the US but the zios realized this movie is talking about us! They are going to wake the sheep up. So they din't allowed to be showing in the US cinemas again.

Watch and enjoy the life before everything will soon be changed.


Jan 10, 2022 22:18

I forgot to tell you that someone uploaded the movie on YT in "Full" version. I am surprised that YT allowed that. They always had short clips of the movie cos this movie is still for sell.

Anyway, from 1:30:00 to 1:31:00 there is some n*de sciences for few seconds. If you have family and watching it together, try to stop it before they see that. It is in the end of the movie, just few seconds. Of course it's Haram and I don't want to be responsabel for that.

The movie in English with Arabic subtitle too. See the movie and show it to everyone, this movie is talking about how the elite work and control everyone's life. You uncover them or resist them they simply kill you.


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