You look for one thing and you find something else

You look for one thing and you find something else

Murad Created Jan 1, 2022 16:45

Two years ago, I was looking for a respectable lady for marriage, but the topic was different. When I sent him the message and the answer was irregular, and I asked about her condition and it appeared that the woman is a mental patient suffering from great psychological pressure, but he continued, and after days he sent me a request for a precious stone, but I told him the stone does not work, but I told him I will help you in recovery, but she does not believe the distance There are thousands of people between us, and I promised him that he would recover, and he was actually cured. A day later, he called me and said I am in very good health. He said to me, I will thank you first and secondly, I thank Al-Halahil website, and the reason we got to know this


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Jan 10, 2022 03:43

So confused me...🤔

Sometimes you cal HIM/HE, and then turn to HER/SHE. What exactly do you mean by your friend, a man or woman???


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