Make your second wish

Make your second wish

Amir Created Dec 6, 2021 04:36

It wasn't until the spring of 2013 that Wishmaster granted the second wish. If you saw the movies Bedazzled or Wishmaster, your wishes are granted but with an evil intent or ending. She came to Lviv (as in profile photo) to see me from the Ukrainian Carpathians. She was a photocopy of my fiancee, 23 (now I was 10 years older than in 2003), 5'-8", 49 kg, blonde/blue. First time we just spent a day outside and then she took a bus back to her mountain village. Next time she came and stayed with me. My American roommate was in Vienna.

She wanted a family life but eveything with a right here right now mentality. We went to Ashan to buy groceries. The mushrooms she cooked were the best tasting. Rest of the day she watched TV. Streets in Lviv had turned green from pollen. I had stayed in the other room to hide the most severe case of allergies I had in my entire life. Saw her sleeping curled up on the sofa, picked her up, put her in bed under covers, and went back to the other room so not to wake her with my allergies.

Within 3 days she wanted me to buy a car so we could go buy groceries in the car. I hesitated. She became upset, went to kitchen, poured water and soup in a bucket and started to mop the floor. When I saw her like that, grabbed the rag out of her hand, and brought her back to the living room. Within a week she wanted that we buy a house on the outskirts of Lviv.

I told her let's get married. You couldn't even register a car without some status. She was afraid to marry worrying I won't do anything afterwards. Life is full of ironies. When you're established, like I'm now, I find only scammers. When I was on an expired 90-day visa stamp in a third country, I found a girl that made Ukrainians jealous seeing me with her. We couldn't break this gridlock. One day she said her mother in village was ill and left. She even left a couple of dresses behind so I won't try to stop her.

Today, I wish I had bought her a car and returned to USA, applied for her a visa and re-established myself. For the house, she would have had to wait until she came here. One I lost but the other I could've saved.


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Dec 10, 2021 20:34

I joined a $35 per month paid site a week ago and I already have a feeling that nothing is going to happen. This is a site I didn't try before.

Asking email/WhatsApp in first message - 60% (fake)
Those writing a full paragraph each time - 20% (fake)
No responses - 20% (real)


Dec 11, 2021 10:03

I was wrong. Despite all the scammers, I'm writing to 3 or 4 serious ladies.


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