Reverts vs Born Muslims

Reverts vs Born Muslims

Sharik Ul Islam Created Nov 23, 2021 17:25

I believe reverts are much better Muslims than those who are born in muslim families because reverts accept Islam after completely understanding monotheism and the knowledge of attributes of Allah while born Muslims are Muslims because of their parents


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Nov 24, 2021 00:10

As a revert myself, I can tell you born Muslims have it much harder than reverts, the fact that you have always lived life as a muslim, always prayed and avoided haram the best you can is a massive achievement.

Islam isn't just about what you know or what you can quote, it's how you live your life for the deen.

As a teenager, I would go to parties, drink alcohol and pretty much do what I like, I was living like a complete degenerate, then born Muslims helped bring me to Allah, they said the shahada with me, taught me the 5 pillars of islam, how to pray and read the Qur'an with me, they showed me love and respect.

Yes, reverts can certainly be very ambitious about learning Islam, mainly because they have lived their life as a non muslim with no true guidance or spirituality to what life is actually about, when I said the words of the shahada, I honestly felt loved, not only by Allah, also by all the Muslims that guided and cared for me whilst I reached out to Allah.


Nov 24, 2021 03:46

Reverts are the best Muslim and they deserve huge respect


Nov 24, 2021 04:06

People convert for different reasons. When I lived in Lviv, a local Ukrainian boy was regular at mosque. He converted because his girl left him and he thought a Muslim girl won't do the same. Imam was a local too, who learnt Arabic from Yemen so half his Friday sermon was in Russian and other half in Arabic. He never said why he converted.

Sharik Ul Islam

Nov 24, 2021 05:33

@amir i quoted revert as a person who just converts only for the sake of Allah and not for the materialistic possessions.Iman isn't complete until one accepts Allah and Prophet by heart,tongue and proves with his deeds.

Shahraz 007

Nov 25, 2021 00:05

Wow who gave you the right to judge who is a better Muslim.


Nov 25, 2021 02:57

Wow, are judging who's better Muslims now??

Sharik Ul Islam

Nov 25, 2021 04:49

@shahraz @precious I ain't judging anyone rather I'm saying that reverts understand the true meaning of Tawheed and Asma Was Sifaat... Indeed Muwahid reverts are much better Muslims than mubtadi ones Alhamdulillah..


Nov 25, 2021 11:41

I agree. Reverts, in general, understand Islam as well as (or better than) Muslims born into the religious because they have studied it. Some people born into the faith don’t necessarily fully understand (or appreciate) it. I have experienced this first-hand.


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