How is this possible?

How is this possible?

Faithful muslima Created Nov 20, 2021 17:00

I received a message from a guy from abroad who I have never messaged and he knows my name. My profile doesn't reveal my name. Does anyone know how this is possible?


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Nov 20, 2021 17:42

I can see your profile name here FAITHFUL MUSLIMA. Do you mean you have other name in your profile?

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Deleted User

Nov 20, 2021 18:22

There is a way you can copy and paste an image into a search engine and it will search the whole web including social media sites for that image, it will then relay a link to the profile.


Nov 20, 2021 20:00

I think you mentioned on another forum post here that you also had accounts on several other websites. So if you had your name up on one of those it's possible that this person also had an account on the other site and recognized you from there.

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 09:35

Assalam alaikum to all of you. JazakAllah for the replies. I do have my profile on 3 other sites but it's exactly the same as here. I copy and pasted my profile on to the other sites. The only difference is maybe a few different pictures.
Also I have never messaged this particular person on this site or any other site.

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 09:38

Samer I am talking about my real name not my profile name. I don't have any social media accounts like Twitter, tiktok, Instagram etc and my face book page doesn't have any pictures or my name and is only used to purchase things on the marketplace which is local. This guy is from Nigeria

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 09:42

Hamza I don't mind if you do a image search with my picture. It would be interesting to know what you find out

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 11:06

Update. I just checked my other profiles and none mention my name.


Nov 21, 2021 11:51

Mmm, connecting FB with Marketplace, You do use fake name on the marketplace, right?But you must use a genuine bank account. All of those companies including the Bank are using the same methods. The perfect catch. I advice you to do banking only via your PC and use only in between banks, like E bank PayPal but never use your PayPal in smartphone/tablets, smartphone will share that. And you will be scammed in the future. Of course never use your bank pas on a small grocery shops, they may make a copy of your account and you know what will happen. Indian grocery/ shops in London are scary business. That "Nigerian" might be an Indian in the neighborhood.🤨

What you are saying that you never put your real name on the internet, how about your smart phone? I know 99% of smart phone users, use their real name in it, plus people do their banking on line and they use the smart phone everywhere even in the supermarket. You also have FB, doesn't mater if you use a fake name, they already have your real name and your bank account number and your adres and your birth date, place and your social security number.

The result is that smartphone app link and share all the information about you "Pictures, Mic, live conversations" even you are siting and watching a movie, your microphone is on all of that with the third party " they mean everyone" but they can't say that for legal purposes.

And some scammers work in the IT industries, they have companies and they build apps too and maybe you did downloaded some of those "Free" apps that takes everything from you without knowing that. To let you see that now, I am asking you to search "Free security app from your tablet/ smartphone. Pick any app and when you want to download that, they will ask you to accept their "term of conditions" and that is entering your Mic,Cam, Wifi connection and location, and other files. Of course they already know any Email address you use in that smartphone. So when you are on Helahel with a fake email address and you think you are "save" they see that plus they have now, your real pictures. They connect all of that to make a real profile about you. Can you see what I am saying? And that is one of the reasons I never put my picture here. although I don't use smartphone. Oops this website will share that to the third parties Google analytics, CIA, MI5,6 first. 😁

If you are vaccinated I am sure all of the vaccinated are using QR code app, that app now knows everything about you. Where you go, what you eat, did you visit someone, that someone is using smartphone, so they connect both of your addresses and from there they will know your friends, family, places you don't want anyone to know that. Welcome to the ultimate control and people in the west still think that China is a dictatorship country. 😛

All of that work been done by AI not like someone sitting and watching and making connections with the Satellite or sneaking in your bedroom and putting tracking devices in your clothes or shoes like in the movie "Enemy of the State" . That technology, now you can easily buy it from Ebay or Alibaba ...😂

It is about at least 4 or 12 applications, depends on those free apps companies and what they want from you, sometimes for technical purposes but sometimes for scamming. So when they know that, they can easily locate your address and visit you and asking you, is here a church street, they are bad actors😆

Sorry for this long comment but I think this will benefit all. You do have other profile 🤫

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 16:23

I don't have online banking. I don't even have a bank card. My account is set up so that if I need to withdraw money I go to the bank. Online payments are made through my parents PayPal. I don't have my own PayPal account.
The face book marketplace isn't a shopping site like Amazon. It's more for people selling their own personal items. You agree to buy something. The person gives you their address and you go to their house and pay in cash and buy the item.

Faithful muslima

Nov 21, 2021 16:33

Also I am not vaccinated. As for being watched and recorded. I am sure I am no I'm different than every person on this planet. I am aware of the level of spying that all these companies do and unfortunately we are all stuck in the same situation. Edward Snowdon interviews helped us all understand the severity of this problem.
I know that no one can hide online but I am not a social media person .and don't live and breathe online


Nov 21, 2021 19:41

I am trying to find an answer to your question, you seems doing relatively good but try to search where you put your name? Maybe your parent did bought something from online shops and they put your name on it. Some people do sell your information, like Banks, Municipal employees maybe NHS too otherwise this can be only someone close to you, a friend or a relative.

I refuse to take the jab, it will kill a lot of people, mRNA vaccine will penetrate the cell nucleus and destroy or manipulate the DNA and change a lot of things, the long term result will be bad for everyone's offspring. They want only 500 Million on earth. I read this when Ramsfield was a CEO of a big Pharma back in the 90s. Thank God he is now in hell. But we still have a lot like him. David Icke talk about them as reptilians, we Muslims know those people like Bush and Blair and lot behind the scenes controlled by Satan soldiers.

Faithful muslima

Nov 25, 2021 16:08

JazakAllah Samer. I have blocked the guy and I do understand that the advice you are giving is to help me understand if I have accidentally shared my details anywhere. I suppose no one can be too careful.
I also understand your views on the jab and other jabs too. I like to research these things as most people just blindly accept them. As children we were all vaccinated . Our parents were also vaccinated and accepted the fact that vaccinations are part of life. No one ever questioned what these jabs contained and whether they are still needed and what side effects they could cause

Faithful muslima

Nov 25, 2021 16:16

The new jabs are highly questionable. Their ingredients need to be explained and their side effects are covered up. Majority of people are just blindly lining up like sheep to get vaccinated. They haven't questioned why these companies who have created the COVID jabs held countries at ransom. They refused to sell their jabs until the countries signed a contract stating that they can't be sued for side effects, deaths and injury caused by the jabs. That only the countries purchasing the jabs would be liable.

Faithful muslima

Nov 25, 2021 16:31

Samer you mentioned controlling the population. In 1980 Elbert county Georgia the Georgia guide stones were created and erected. They are four giant upright stones written in 8 different languages. English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and traditional Chinese.
The stones are inscribed with 10 guidelines or laws. The first of these is maintain the population at 500, 000, 000. The artist is unknown and his identity is hidden . He goes but the fake name of R C Christian and was paid millions by the USA government to create these stones.


Nov 27, 2021 11:53

The new vaccine is not a vaccine at all. It is mNRA this will penetrate our cells nucleus and destroy it or make it vulnerable/weak for outside viruses. In another words, they let the vaccinated weak, ready to die by any virus that comes inside. Also the infected person will make more variants. You may already heard about the Omicron virus, This is the new plan for the next 12 months. Now our politicians are happy to make a lock down again and again, the game will never end. Our governments in the west are the puppet for the elite and most sheep are happy about the democracy? 😂

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Deleted User

Nov 27, 2021 16:20

The vaccine is now mandatory in Austria and I think in Germany very soon, once Germany makes it mandatory, you better believe all of the EU will make it mandotory including the UK.
This will never go away, no amount of bacon Ed will do, it will be booster after booster ect…

Which elites are we talking about? The JQ’S

Faithful muslima

Nov 28, 2021 09:29

As I said before there is a reason why these companies creating the vaccines refuse to take liability for them.
Samer you are definitely near the truth. It is true since the vaccinations new varients have emerged. I haven't researched the Omicron virus yet but will let you know when I do.
I am currently researching why graphene is being used in the vaccines.
As you may know graphene is one of the thinnest materials in the world and is only used in technology. So there is no reason to use it in vaccines.

Faithful muslima

Nov 28, 2021 09:40

Hamza you are correct in saying that Austria has made the vaccine mandatory. Other countries are following. The UK are waiting and watching to see how things play out in other countries and to see how they handle the situation before doing the same here.
I am also researching if the vaccines are making men impotent. Imagine how easy it would be to control the world population through this method.
They tried the same thing with the cervical cancer vaccines a few years back which worked to some extent.
I was in my last year of school at the time and refused the vaccine. Every girl I know that took the vaccine is now struggling to have children and the ones that can are having miscarriages. They all suffered from vision problems straight after having the cervical cancer jabs and then noticed that they weren't menustrating. The girls that were starting their periods were not stopping. If you research this further you will find reports from all over where females who took the jab are suffering from fits, pcos, headaches, and many other debilitating problems


Nov 29, 2021 22:18

I saw a video from an Austrian doctor ANDREAS NOACK, few days ago he talked about the Graphene in vaccine. And how the Graphene work like a Razor blades in the body. Watch his clip, seem genuine. But after a few days, I saw a pregnant woman "his wife" talking about him that he was killed. I am not sure about that but I believe in assassination of people here in the west when the elite dose not want them. Whether with a car accident or by direct assassination. Or by blowing up a taxi in Liverpool and say(MSM) he was a Muslims terrorist? By the way, he was a Christian.

Did you heard about the CIA assassination attempted for Julian Assange in UK. He is imprisoned for 10 years now without harming anyone just exposing the criminal elite. Welcome to the Democratic regime. Thank God they didn't rain rockets on Australia.

If you want the 2 clips let me know that.

Faithful muslima

Nov 30, 2021 08:43

JazakAllah Samer. Yes I would love to see the two clips ands its true about the elite assassinating anyone who feels like a threat. JFK and president Abraham Lincoln were no exception. So if they are willing to assassinate president's then normal civilians are no threat.
I have been following the Julian Assange case for many years now. He was hiding in the Ecuador embassy in London for nearly 7 years. He is a true hero. He did everything to enlighten people about the truth and corruption. I watched the news as they dragged him out of the embassy like an animal. The way they were handling him was like he was a terrorist. He has no weapons and posed no threat. If that's how they treated him while removing him from the embassy I can't imagine what they have done to him behind closed doors.
That was in 2019. Could it be that the elites knew Julian would expose what they were about to do with the COVID so they arranged for him to be arrested. I don't think anyone knows what's become of him. He's suffered to help humanity and yet there are no protests or people petioning for his release


Nov 30, 2021 14:22

He got a lot of files about the elite and if they kill him or let him die, his colleagues will publish more files that shows more about the western crimes against humanity. By the way we don´t need to talk about JFK, you just read about `The USS Liberty`. All Europeans and American never talked or heard about that crime.


I was happy when he did interviewed people online from the Ecuadorian embassy, I thought this will be a good way to stay in contact with people but later they stopped that. I saw everything and I follow the news about him. The only news channel that talk about him is RT tv channel, see the channel live on You tube. I think you can´t have Russian tv on UK channel list. The Ofcom already banned them, welcome to free speech country.

Watch this program ( Going Underground on RT) the only channel that expose the lies of the western countries.


See this channel too on you tube, from a honest female fighter for justice a true lioness Abby Martin, she worked for RT tv on this program `Breaking the Set` years back and then for TeleSUR, `The Empire Files`. I enjoyed her programs. She exposed a lot about the elite and who run the western world.


I will send you the other 2 clips.

Faithful muslima

Nov 30, 2021 17:11

I used to watch the RT channel but can't seem to find it anymore. It was the only news channel that I enjoyed. Going underground was a favourite of mine I will check out the links you sent me and then get back to you.
I also remember watching every episode of Jesse Ventura conspiracy theories. You tube has banned many of the episodes.


Nov 30, 2021 20:43

You can watch RT tv via You tube.I already have them on my satellite.
Here is the RT America.

And this RT UK.

And here is for Arabic.

Here is in French.

Here is in Spanish.

RT tv German channel is banned from You tube. And all the channels now live streaming.

I like Jesse Ventura, he got a nice heart. I enjoyed seeing him with Arnold Schwarzeneggerr in the Predator, the movie.

Here is the link about the doctor.

Here is the link about his arrest in live streaming.

This is his wife clip.

Be careful this website contain things you may not like, right wingers who hate Muslims and also too much violence clips.

Faithful muslima

Dec 2, 2021 18:16

I found a better site to watch these clips it's called TokenTube. It doesn't have any propaganda against Muslims on there. Andreas Noack made a huge sacrifice to bring us the truth but for some people it is not enough. His death isn't enough. His wife's grief isn't enough. I have noticed that as soon as you bring up the subject of covid or vaccines on a group chat or any online platform all those that are vaccinated will bully the person who is trying to enlighten them. I have had this experience many times. I have tried to provide documents from the vaccines sites themselves, doctors reports, news paper articles, court hearing videos etc. Now when the bullying starts I just leave the site instead of trying to give them proof. I also noticed that the bullies will not read any articles I post ofvideos but will continue to attack and accuse me of just being a conspiracy theorist.

Faithful muslima

Dec 2, 2021 18:20

JazakAllah for all the links though. I will try and see if I can watch RT again. I do miss it a lot.
The video of Dr Andreas being arrested was horrible. You can clearly see the terror in his face and to think they killed him on the live stream while his pregnant wife watched. You can tell in her video she is afraid to say too much

Faithful muslima

Dec 2, 2021 18:30

In a recent group chat I was called disrespectful and not given the chance to provide any solid evidence. I find it's always men who bully more and are not willing to budge on their opinions. I'm not saying women are not just as bad but I haven't been bullied by women just questioned and if they don't agree they just say so. They argue back with news articles that may or may not be true. News papers and channels have been known to lie before and still do. So that isn't really evidence. And people are easily paid to act as victims. The shhoting at sandy hill school in USA is clear evidence of this.

Faithful muslima

Dec 2, 2021 18:34

The one thing I don't understand is why are vaccinated people so afraid of unvaccinated people. If they have chosen to get the jab and are now protected then they have nothing to fear from us. If we choose to risk our lives then that's our problem. Vaccinated people are still getting sick and can carry the virus and new varients so we are the ones that should be afraid of them


Dec 2, 2021 23:33

My motto in life, is to understand how my enemy think about me so to be prepared for them anywhere and everywhere.I want to watch them and I want to understand their logic/ behaviors/ and evidences if they got some against us. I have no problem to see all their propaganda clips. I see Fox, Sky News Australia, too much right wing mentally. The kike R. Murdoch love that, and UK version is a bit less then that. Sometimes I laugh about their stupid mind. We Muslims must always be prepared for them. We don't live in a honest society where you can discus things in a free way or in a respected way. People here in the west smile at your face and behind your back they use all kind of bad things against you.

By the way I am always like that, I read and watch everything, from far left to far right but I know where I am. George Galloway has two shows on RT, Sputnik and The Mother of All Talk Shows. You can see them live on You tube channel. I just got disappointed when he ignored things about the Virus.


Dec 3, 2021 00:59

You don't need to be upset or angry. Some people are "hypnotized" no matter what logic or evidences you show them they remain hypnotized, you can't discus anything with them. They don't discus for the sake of justice or for the sake of the truth. Don't give in for those bullies. Unfortunately here some of those "fake muslim" bullies here, he called me "Son of Zina" in the month of Ramadan. Imagine what he will do in another days. And no one tried to apologize for this kind of behavior, the lowest of the lowest. Too much fake believers, people lost their moral compass.

Are you talking about "Staged Events and False Flag" like Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting or Boston Marathon bombing or 11 September or London bombing and there are to many more now, I honestly lost to count them any more. Most of that are created by Al-ciaDA 😉. Now they created a Bio wapen and a lot of people are dying from it. So here is the magic solution, the Vaccine, take it, take the second and the third and the Booster and tomorrow we will have the Super Booster and then we will have the Great Booster or the Universal Vac, works with every virus 😆. They make a problem and then they have a solution. All are staged. Nothing new for me anymore, I am bored by those repeated events.

There are 2 kinds of vaccinated people, the sheep, who accept anything from the state and the fools. The fools are angry cos they know now that the vaccine is not working and it is the real "killer" so they try to fool unvaccinated to take it. Something to do with egoism in the human mind. When they feel lost they want to take others with them. We all have seen that the Omicron variant traveled to all the corners of the world now by vaccinated people. So unvaccinated has nothing to do with this but all western states blame unvaccinated people. Can you see the boring game? Watch Pfizer trial, probably you heard about it and no main media talk about this scandal?

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:16

I am very grateful to you Samer. I bet even we have views that we may not agree on but at least we don't accuse one another of things we are not. I believe everything you say because I have researched a lot of it myself. I don't just follow conspiracy theorists or people with agendas or even all the fake news.

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:18

I feel like I need to help people and to wake them up but they like to live in their comfort zones and don't want their happy existence disturbed. I can't blame some of them because the world we live in is scary when you go down the rabbit hole.

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:26

Vaccinated people already know they are doomed and as you said because they are going down they want to take others with them like a person drowning.
They don't want to see statistics of how many vaccinated people are dying and how many vaccinated athletes are dying faster.
Even if we bring them clear proof they would deny it. What bothers me is that we are not stopping anyone from getting vaccinated and we are not closing down vaccination centres or destroying labs but we who choose not to be vaccinated are being discriminated against and treated like criminals

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:26

Vaccinated people already know they are doomed and as you said because they are going down they want to take others with them like a person drowning.
They don't want to see statistics of how many vaccinated people are dying and how many vaccinated athletes are dying faster.
Even if we bring them clear proof they would deny it. What bothers me is that we are not stopping anyone from getting vaccinated and we are not closing down vaccination centres or destroying labs but we who choose not to be vaccinated are being discriminated against and treated like criminals

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:26

Sorry about posting the same message twice. The page was stuck

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:32

JazakAllah for letting me know about the RT channel. I can watch it again. I'm very happy.
I just watched a senate hearing on why the CDC scientists are refusing the vaccines. In the USA hearing senator Cassidy asks Dr Walensky over and over again about why the majority of CDC members are refusing the vaccines and she will not reply but tries to dodge the questions

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 17:37

There is also many videos of senator Paul grilling Dr Fauci about his involvement in the COVID 19 virus and why he invested billions in the Wuhan lab when Dr Fauci clearly knew what kind of practices and testing goes on there. Dr Fauci just like Dr Walensky avoids answering the questions.


Dec 3, 2021 21:59

Faithful muslima, you talk about the American political system and how a senator grilled that lier. From my experiences about them. I don't consider them as a politicians. They are simply billionaires or at least Millionaires, they are like Chameleons they change their color when they get the bruin envelop. So what you saw is just a show. After 30 years reading and watch all of those presidents and congressmen, I saw enough from their immoral behavior. Do you remember Monica Lewinsky?Do you saw an interview with Madeleine albright about how 500,000 Iraqi children died because of the US sanctions on Iraq and how she was saying that this is worth it? Do you know the grandfather of G,w Bush, read about him and you will understand my point. Do you know Henry Kissinger, he was the master mind of all Latinos conflicts even more then that, so who behind all of that wars since WW2, I don't want to go further back but there is more. In another words, they live in the most corrupted country on this planet. Don't let me talk about Child trafficking or Opium exporting or Wapen selling to both sides of every conflict. I can watch a "Saudi" official talking about Democracy and the human rights but I will never waste my time on any American politicians. In both sides of the political spectrum they are corrupted to the bone. Right now they are killing people around the world, do you know that? I am sure not but the realty they are. You just ask them why they have more then 900 military basis around the world, just for fun, isn't? So their shows is not for me but for the sheep. With all respect. Watch this and you may understand more.



Dec 3, 2021 22:04


Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 23:22

Yes brother Samer I have seen the drama with Monica Lewinsky, I have read the history of the Bush family and seen interviews, I know all about Madeline Albright and Hilary Clinton and her ex husband. I've also read about their past presidents. I'm not shocked at their behaviour any more. They not only do terrible things to other countries but their own public also.

Faithful muslima

Dec 3, 2021 23:34

No countries politicians are clean, respectable or true. They are all cut from the same cloth and after the same agenda. As for what they did to Iraq they are now trying to do to Iran. They are never happy unless there is war and destruction.
I am well aware that even now they are killing people around the world. I already checked to see how many military bases they have and in which countries. Most of those countries are surrounding China and Russia. I also know that if there is another war the world and humanity Will never be able to recover from it


Dec 4, 2021 23:17

Since Obama era they are killing people around the world with drones. Western countries are a military industrial complex, they can't live without making wars. Same colonial mentality, they never change only when they get the same medicine.

The western power never dare to bomb a strong country. In 1995 Saddam accepted the "UN" "mostly CIA, MI6 agents" inspectors and after inspecting everything for 5 years and disarming Iraq from everything. Iraqi people was expecting that the UN will left the Embargo cos you may know, that country was suffering from the UN or to be more accurate "western regimes" sanction from 1990. Instead of that they came in 2003 to Iraq with 44 countries armed to their teeth to destroy it and plunder everything and making their livelihood miserable. Because of this evil action we still have people leaving their country and from the other effected countries in the region. 1 Million died with 4 millions displaced, only in 2003 and 2004. Since that time people are leaving their countries in Millions. This is what the evil Democracy done to the people in Iraq and in the Middle East. I call it Democracy Holocaust. You must heard about the refugee crisis between France and UK and Belarus and Poland. This is the results from the western fascisme. I didn't talk about Syria and Libya and the...... ( US going to war in 7 countries in 5 years). Watch General Wesley Clark clip?


Our international criminal court in The Hague are only busy to prosecute people from the third world countries. What a joke. If we had a real respect for human lives in the UN, Nuremberg 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and countless trials must be ready for the western wars. But justice will prevail for those nations. Anyway western countries are cowards and they never dare to fight against a strong countries like Russia and China. They will be wiped out in few hours. When they can't harm Russia and China directly, they try proxy wars with them, look what happen to Georgia and that pathetic president. They convince him that they will give him wapen and NATO support when he start to harm Russian people in Georgia, he got nothing and the west hide their heads in the sand, evil cowards. They are still trying and pushing with Ukraine and Taiwan but they will get the same fate like Georgia.

Now they turned against their own people with the Bio weapon. Remember my words.


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