Jannah Created Nov 7, 2021 11:24

Some guys are out here posting on this forum and posing like they know what it means to be muslim. I just wish we could post screenshots on here to expose some of y’all because the things these shameless men bring into my DMs in the name of “marriage” is just “audhu billahi min al-shaytan ir-rajeem”

May Allah give you your punishment in akhirah not in this dunya. AMEEN!


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Nov 7, 2021 14:08

My sister trust me you will not find someone descent here I don't think anyone knows what they want here, its just a pass time site not a serious one so most men take advantage on the private chats.. You should just ignore most especially when you see red flags just block... If you really want a husband just look around you or go to paid sites maybe you will find someone good there, but in here I doubt


Nov 7, 2021 19:11

Beautifully written @zana. It’s sad but that’s just the harsh reality of this site.

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Nov 8, 2021 03:40

women love those who don't love them and give everything to those who deceive them,the paradox


Nov 8, 2021 15:15

are you new here ? @Jannah


Nov 9, 2021 02:23

I’m lucky that I didn’t sent any DM to you 😂
Btw screen shot is a biggest weapon of women.

Let me tell you mentality of women here on helahel
They are looking for
European guy
Rich guy

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Nov 9, 2021 08:25

I wonder why faizan you like blaming women I mean if you aren't married stop blaming people but yourself... As early as you realise that the better for you or anyone who likes to play the blame game


Nov 9, 2021 09:04

🥺 @Abu
No @Don
Smh @faizzan
Women are always the problem to men for having standards @zana

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Deleted User

Nov 9, 2021 11:18

You women should understand, men are created to create generation and most men do approach some of you all with a good intention but it turns out to be somthing different from the men side. If you feel that somthing smells a bad at the beginning or later initially , why you don't cut off the then and there and why you giving em a chance to be inappropriate. Please don't play the blame games in here. Forgive me if am arrogant. Thank you

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Nov 9, 2021 12:17

Mohammad you aren't arrogant you are actually right but the problem is when you try to be yourself and not accept maybe intense advances they disappear or worse insult you how you are acting holy 😂😂😂so sometimes I just end up laughing.. If only we were allowed to show screenshot here people would be shocked... So men here should stop blaming women and look for wives why waste time blaming people and yet there are many options out there of finding spouses, if it doesn't work out know that it's Allah's qadr you can't force issues.. I think we should have more faith in Allah if its meant to be it will be of not then Allah knows best no need to be frustrated and yet our destinies are already written


Nov 9, 2021 16:05

Could we advertise this site to our families and friends?


Nov 10, 2021 15:04

Then you are not long enough to know yet @Jannah


Nov 22, 2021 05:36

Blaming has never solved nothing
Be it woman or man
Just speak in the best of manners
If not leave it alone
Bear in mind we all come from different cultures and traditions


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