Follow Islam if you are a Muslim

Follow Islam if you are a Muslim

Precious Created Oct 27, 2021 02:24

In Islam a man must pay dowry to the woman he want to marry. It is one of women's rights.

But I heard that most of Muslims in India they follow the hindu tradition in this matter, so the man takes dowry from the girl's family even when they are Muslims and they know the Islamic way.
Makes you wonder why? Why don't you stand against this tradition and follow your religion?


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Oct 27, 2021 08:16

A lot of traditions in religion but this one is very obvious breach of women's right I never heard about this in other places. Seems Indian Muslim scholars love this tradition, cheap weddings. I grow up in a country that when a Muslim man want to marry a woman, he must find a separated home first and fill it with all things. The dowry is two kinds, the one you pay it now and the second one when he divorce her. The second dowry is usually 4 or 5 times higher than the first one. The man must agree for that and it will be written on paper.

Buying gold for her and many things with it. Paying everything for the wedding party. And then a month honeymoon trip. My brothers did most of that. Of course not every man can pay like that, women too must be realistic and not demand too much.

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Oct 27, 2021 09:23

May be, the second type of dowry is traditional, it does not exist in Islam. I understand that its meant to discourage divorce.
More over, marriage is suppossed to be very simple; otherwise, a wedding shouldn't be hindered simply because of so much expenses.
Dowry should be payed to the woman, not the man, before or after marriage to show her acceptance to be your wife.


Oct 27, 2021 10:19

I meant to say that the dowry itself comes with 2 main rules in one package or deal. All of that must be agreed on from both families. The reason that the second dowry is higher because this can discourage the man and also insured her that she can live in a decent life after divorce. Plus the man must pay alimony "child support" if the woman is jobless she will get monthly payments. The civil judge will decide all of that.

In the west we have the same rules "alimony" and for this reason no man here want to register the marriage by the municipality. Most of the time they register it as "partners" so when the man want to leave he just leave without any right for the woman, cheap western women. So for women who want to come to the west, register your marriage as a husband and wife and not as "partners". And you will be automatically send back to your country. And register same things in both countries.


Oct 29, 2021 01:55

@Samer that's true. Another payment should be written in the marriage document in case the man divorced the woman he'll pay it. And if she asks for divorce then she will pay, I'm not sure if it's the full amount of the first dowry he paid before wedding or half of it.
My point is, islam have reserved everyone's rights and it's a perfect lifestyle of protecting people and a flawless full system to run a good society. But I don't know why would anyone know islam (let alone being Muslims) and chooses to follow some other traditions that are made by humen.


Oct 29, 2021 03:31

In the horror film based on a true story, Exorcism of Emily Rose, she said that her "possession" was a way to belief, meaning if you could believe in ghosts, you can in spirits and angels, etc. When the lamps lighted up, all man could see was steel and stone. That's the problem.


Oct 29, 2021 04:17

The messenger of Allah said if the man can't afford to pay then recite an Ayat. If the woman is faithful and accepts that it is sufficient. If not then hope someone else propose to you. If no other man proposes to you, then you on your own.


Oct 29, 2021 13:20

If she asks for divorce, her husband will ask her to compromise about the money that he must pay for her, in most cases, she will say, "You don't pay anything, you just get the hell out of my life" 😂

Some woman ask to be divorced for a lot of reasons, if he was an abusive person or a cheater with some obvious evidences, The judge will say, you get the hell out of her life and pay everything for her in a short term and if he don't pay for some reason, he will go to the prison, this is in most Arab countries. And no man want to go to the prison there, so they will pay.🤭

Anyway, a good Muslim man/woman must work hard to keep the marriage alive, just like our parents.


Oct 30, 2021 06:25

Muslims are very good at cherry-picking the aspects of Islam that benefit them.


Oct 31, 2021 01:15

@Farid that's true unfortunately "some" Muslims can do that they choose some aspects of Islam that's suits them and follow it sincerely and neglect the most of the religion. May Allah forgive us all and guide us to the right path.

But let me ask you, how is this fact related to this discussion post?


Oct 31, 2021 01:33

Correct, the prophet peace be upon him actually recommended to lower the dowry amount to be as low and simple as possible especially when (a good muslim man with good manners and faith) proposes.

But that's not what talk about.
I'm talking about the fact that muslim women in India (and maybe some areas in Pakistan not sure) are the ones who (pay dowry to men) and that's wrong even if she just paid "Ayat" or a glass of water. Because as long as it's called "dowry" it's THE MAN'S Duty to pay. If we are speaking about Islamic rules.


Oct 31, 2021 04:59

It's related to this post because it's a general statement that can be applied to many different situations, including this one.

It is absolutely a woman's right to a dowry from the man. Not the other way around. That’s the Islamic way. But, are those same people following all of the other aspects of an Islamic marriage? Are they following the guidance of the Prophet (saw)? I don’t know. Most people don’t.

If you only practice what benefits you, and disregard the rest, then that’s a double standard.


Oct 31, 2021 23:53

"are those same people following all of the other aspects of an Islamic marriage? Are they following the guidance of the Prophet (saw)? "

Well, I can't answer this question neither can you.

But I still don't understand how you took the discussion to this way. Anyways you should know that if we spoke about one aspect of Islam that doesn't mean we neglect the rest.

And I brought this up because it's an issue that is still happening among Muslims in India (although I have no relations with India what so ever) but since it's an Islamic related issue I find myself concerned about it as a Muslim.

And whether people follow all Islamic rules or not it shouldn't stop you from addressing an issue when you see one.


Nov 1, 2021 01:55

I'm not sure you understood my point, but that's okay.


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