the birth of God's best creation SALA ALAHO ALAYHII WA SALAM

the birth of God's best creation SALA ALAHO ALAYHII WA SALAM

abdo the pure heart Created Oct 18, 2021 17:50

In light of the repeated attacks and smear campaigns against the Prophet of Mercy SALA ALAHO ALAYHI WA SALEM !!!! It has become more necessary to celebrate the birth of God's best creation away from fanaticism !!!!

في ظل الهجمات المتكررة و حملات التشويه التي تطال نبي الرحمة!!!! أصبح أكثر من الضروري الإحتفال بميلاد خير خلق الله بعيدٱ عن التعصب


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Oct 19, 2021 03:36

It's (bedaa) بدعة.
If it was a great thing to do, the prophet's family and his companions should've done it, peace be ubon them. But it's not part of Islam nor the right way of showing our love to the prophet peace be upon him, the best way, in my opinion, is to follow his leads, imitate his manners and spread his message. الله أعلم. Allah knows better.

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Oct 19, 2021 07:14

@Precious, its true, I heard a hadith, famous at home but I personally haven't read it from a book. It says, (S)he who practice just a single act of mine (a sunnah), i.e. a person who practice just one sunnah of the prophet his/her entire life, has loved him, and (s)he who loves him, shall be with him in Jannah.

If this hadith is true, then, the best way to show your love for the prophet is not "inventing" anything, I mean, doing sth that the prophet himself didn't practice, its just practising his sunnah, at least one, cause, the best form of ibadah is the one that you practice your entire life even if its a very small act like kissing your children once daily.


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