Money and marriage

Money and marriage

Mohamed Created Oct 7, 2021 18:35

How much do you think is enough to get married
What is the most convenient matralistic needs that must be owned to get married ?


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Salafi Ali

Oct 7, 2021 23:25

More often than not, its not the amount of money you earn but how you spend it that counts,...
https://youtu.be/fFqtTyhO1d8, mind you, I have seen visionary "bodaboda"s doing impressive things by their hardwork and planning than highly salaried people who seem to be "sleeping on their jobs".

I largely believe that with smart work, good planning and staying focussed on your plan will greatly boost you financially. I really pitty, and its very sad, to see hard working people earn hard large amount of money just to waste it at the end of the day because of wrong attitudes and lack of heart control. For instance, some people just spend almost ¾ of their earning in drugs and luxuries. Results, their mouth constantly keep relying on the hands. Anyway, they can always ask for contributions in case of any emergency need and good enough, blame the gov't.

Oops, this is funny. Some people are busy planning " nothing". I mean, I know of people who just copy other peoples' ideas and are impatient enough to let them bear fruits. As a results, they keep wasting a lot of money in incomplete projects. These people are characterized by having very good monetory plan before getting money, once they get money, Allah knows...and the circle repeats itself. And the way you listen to them fooling themselves,...its only that they are uncorrectable,...

So, to answer you, how much you have matters less, what matters great is how you spend the little that you have.

He knows better.


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