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Lili Created Oct 3, 2021 00:14

No answer is can be a polite way of saying (not interested)
So please be polite and don't send bad messages please why do you be angry about it?


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Deleted User

Oct 3, 2021 19:22

Hi Lili.
My think ; if you arentt interested, you can say that you are not interested in the other person and in an appropriate language. so that the other person doesnt expect an answer from you with hope.

Have good life ...

Abrar Qureshi

Oct 3, 2021 23:25

Assalam, Although I understand you Lili but I agree with...
I love your name. Pretty creative 😛
The thing is many women have reported that get abused if they reject someone. And I understand that. But the power of kindness and love is very strong. Treating someone nicely might really change their mind. Either way you win because Allah will reward you. A polite No would suffice. But instead if you ignore someone, you're going on that negative road. Tit for tat. Anyway that's my two cents. Allahafiz


Oct 4, 2021 07:35

Dear Sister, if you’re trying to be polite, don’t ignore messages (unless they’re being rude, or a bully).


Oct 4, 2021 11:54

There is no reason to ignore someone's message. Only if you are a player looking for an adventure with a sweet guy, sugar daddy. Or a scammer that can't see any gold in you profile to dig in. A respected person who are looking for marriage will answer you and no matter that answer is positive or negative.

When you get an answer please respect the other person's wishes, so move on and don't keep sending messages. You can't change their mind. Try to understand that we live in a bad time, most people don't have values anymore. If you still have values the chance to get a partner with the same values is like 1%. they are from smartphone era, everything is morally corrupted. I used to read from western women in their profiles. "Seeing this done that". Now Muslims too seeing this and done that, did you get it?🤨


Oct 4, 2021 17:20

I guess I have msged you previously.. probably you badly ignored me .


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