the famous Lion preacher of Islam, Zakir Naik

the famous Lion preacher of Islam, Zakir Naik

abdo the pure heart Created Oct 2, 2021 18:50

Is it possible that the famous Lion preacher of Islam, Zakir Naik, was subjected to the attempt to silence and accuse him of terrorism !!! He who was seen as a symbol of moderation and tolerance, and his only accusation is that he was unbeatable in all debates, and it was he who embraced Islam in his hands, thousands of people across the world. world, he lives in an embargo in the shadow of the silence of the Islamic world and its lack of support, and it is he who hoisted the flag of Islam * high across the world !!!


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Oct 3, 2021 00:20

Yes, he is a great enemy to the kaveer and munafiqun. How can someone whose job is only to spread and teach the truth of Islam can be called a terrorist? it was just a slander of the world for him because of afraid that many people would convert from their religion to Islam. May Allah protect him wherever he is.


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