Easiest way to know a person

Easiest way to know a person

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For those who are physically dating;
1. Go to their home area and ask their neighbours
2. Observe where they carry businesses and ask their business partners. Not traders?, well, ask the shopkeepers where they buy goods and services
3. Look for their friends who travel with them and ask for their qualities

As a summary;
You can know a person if you;
1. Are their neighbour
2. Carry businesses with them
3. Travel with them
So, asking these people is the best way to know a person

For those who are online dating;
Take an initiative to contact their school friends, business partners and other friends. You can know a lot from them. Just remember;...

ASK THEIR FRIENDS TO GET THEIR GOOD SIDES AND ASK THEIR ENEMIES TO GET THEIR BAD SIDES WHILE YOU ARE AT THE CENTRE, JUDGEMENTAL. You can then evaluate them to check whether or not they are true. You can ask them for their clarification

As a bonus;
Observe their friends. Their friends' character tell a lot about the person

Allahu aalam


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