Salaam as a greeting

Salaam as a greeting

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I think the lowest form of Islamic greeting is Assalam alaykum, not salaam
You can either greet by;
1. Assalam alaykum
2. Assalam alaykum warahmatullah
3. Assalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

I haven't gotten evidence that;
4. Assalam alaykum warahmatullah taalla wabarakatuh is acceptable. I believe its bid'a

If you are greeted, you MUST respond. Greeting is optional but answering is the right of the greeter. You can't afford to ignore

In answering, you must respond the equivalent or more. For instance in;
1. The minimum is Waalaykum salaam but you can continue
2. Waalaykum salaam warahmatullah but you can continue
3. But in three, you MUST complete; Waalaykum salaam warahmatullah wabarakatuh
4. Doesn't exist

You get 10 hasanat, if you use 1, 20 if you use 2 and 30 if its 3. The rewards goes to the greeter. I don't remember if the answerer also get sth, but less than the greeter or getting totally nothing

Also, the greeting is in the plural form i.e Assalam alaykum, alaykum means upon you (more than one). Even if its one or two, you can't say Assalam alaika (one man) or Assalam alaiki (one woman) or Assalam alaykummaa (two men/women/both); you're distorting the original greeting. No grammar here; take it the way it is

The greeting originated from Adam; angels witnessed him when the soul was first put into him and they taught him this greeting

Btw, Assalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh is a dua. It means peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. The response means to you too

Its prohibited to greet non-muslims of this greeting. If they greet you, you just stop at waalaka/waalaiki/waalaykumma/waalukum depending on the number and the gender of the greeters. It means, may you be guided. They get no reward but may be guided if Allah accept your dua onto them

Shortforms like A.A or W.S and others are prohibited

Other recommendations include;
1. The less should greet the many
2. Those standing should greet those sitting
3. Children should greet the elders
Idk about;
4. Gender; males vs females
5. Guests vs owners
But these are just guideliness to have order. To avoid both of you greeting each other at the same time. However, its not mandatory to be followed. lf its a confusing mixture of the three like a few elders standing meet many children standing, this is your take away assignment. Submit your comment with evidence. No guessing. You get a zero if you don't respond

Idk about rulings such as those who complete with greetings after their speech or texts. But I think its acceptable and shouldn't be assumed; must be answered

1. In Jumuah prayer, if the khatib stands to deliver his khutba, you aren't allowed to greet or answer greetings
2. When praying, you aren't allowed to answer greeting even if greeted
3. In the toilet, IDK, but I know, talking is makruh, not preffered; not a sin if you do but recommended not to do

Allahu aalam


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Sep 25, 2021 07:17

Assalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. ☺ Informative 👍


Sep 25, 2021 09:49

Waalaykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh;
I appreciate your feedback; shukran


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