Why good guys not find perfect match except delay in their marriage?

Why good guys not find perfect match except delay in their marriage?

imrannaqvi19 Created Sep 14, 2021 22:22

Can anybody elaborate why Why good guys not find perfect match except delay in their marriages?


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Sep 15, 2021 00:21

Some blame Allah calling its a test
But to me, we have the wrong beliefs about our partners. We think we are good and our sisters should just know that
In real life, we are reluctant to express our feelings to their because we fear to be judged by the society, after all, we're good
And because we haven't approached many muslimahs, when one deny us, we take a lot of time to heal. I'll never marry, may be, our partners are in paradise, dun'ya is believer's hellfire. These delays our marriage
In dating sites, we give up easily. A few sisters don't act the way we want and we become irritated. We're good, so we see them bad by not beingthe way we want. We then generalise our sisters with our hypotheses like they like the bad boys, they are after money, no true love. We give up searching because we're pissed


Sep 15, 2021 00:40

For the ladies, they don't do much to find a partner. The fear to initiate the process, just like bad girls. The depressed good man has given up and the good girl is waiting for that same man to take the first move. It take a lot of time before they start conversating, by then, the lady has been approached by another man
They also fear the society. You have started being bad by engaging in relationships. They are never free to follow their heart. They don't stand up for themselves. For instance, they are in love with a certain man but their family want another one, they tend to follow their family because they are pressured to be good
They are also picky. I saw a lady with so many preferences,...narrow age group, education level, nation, ...until, I pity her, its not that easy to find that man
And, they put barriers. Its never easy to speak to a good sister as like a bad one. They are not easy going and they fear to speak their mind because they don't want to hurt anybody. Some are simple things from a guy that could have been corrected with a simple expression
In short, both good men and women have bad communication skills, ideologies and weak principles. Allah knows better


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