Laleh 1983

Laleh 1983

Muslim Created Jul 28, 2021 19:37

Be careful of a user from iran by the name of laleh, she does not believe in Qur'an or sunnah, is without any manners or good speech, do not be fooled inshallah, by such people.


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Jul 29, 2021 21:07

There is a lot of fake profiles here. Scammers from India / Pakistan are very active here. Atheist females are active in the forum. So don't take it too personal. You will find them in all websites with blogging. I even know some extreem Evangelic zionist here but they try to make themselves as a moderate Muslims. They use pictures of Muslim women.


Jul 29, 2021 21:17

I understand brother

But my plan was to remind people, because some people have many faces...

And Allah knows best.


Jul 29, 2021 21:18

This particular lady made fun of our beloved prophet Muhammad pbh.


Jul 29, 2021 21:42

Did she put a thread here? I never saw anyone made fun to our Prophet saww here, what you mean she made fun? Maybe you exchanged words with "her".


Jul 29, 2021 21:57

Their was a private exchange between me and her, and I made it clear to her I would wish to speak to her father for permission. Apparently in her culture, a women, cannot speak to her father, unless she first brings a man for marriage. Which is not from Islam by the way...

I ended talk and told her she does not appear to be serious nor a good women. She then told me was your prophet a good man, or bad when he killed his enemies.
I then released how their is something not only wrong with her approach in talking to a Muslim man, but she isn't a Muslim, as she made fun of our prophet. She pretends to be Muslim, and she is Shia from iran. Most shia, Arab shias, only are honourable, and respect our prophet. But shias, in iran are really misguided people.


Jul 29, 2021 22:08

@muslim I am sorry to hear that. But what clearly can be seen is that she is a non muslim. Mostly shias are diverted as they say wrong things about Sahaba R.A. but never heard some shia saying bad about our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). She just wanted to put a fight and thats all.


Jul 29, 2021 22:30

I just saw her profile and I want to tell you that in Iran are a lot of Christians and Jews too so don't be surprised when you talk to an Iranian woman. My experience about the Iranians here in the west. All of them are godless people. So reading her profile and how she desire to know someone from English speaking countries is telling me that she is like the Iranians here, ready for everything. She just want to live life like the western women. I know some Iranians Muslims become atheists for one simple reason, the Mullahs there are not presenting the right version of Shia Islam, I can say they are political Islam, just like the Sunni brotherhood, Wahhabis and thousands more in the past centuries. As a Shia person I don't like the regime there. They are in power since 1979 and they still don't have a simple Islamic system. They don't give a good example for Shia Islam.

I like Mahathir Mohamad he put Malaysia on the right track, he is only one man, I respect this man a lot.


Jul 29, 2021 22:31

Absolutely true.


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