What is your procedure for matching

What is your procedure for matching

Mohamed Created Jul 28, 2021 10:14

Al Salam alikoum was rahmout Allah was barakatoh.

So I want to ask the women before the men to have an insight how do you matches ,like what do you look into the man/lady profile , what are your expectations what do you want the first messages be like.

What is most important in the profile ? The profile info or the pic , the first message or maybe something else?

TBH I am been on this site for long time and till now I am not sure what should be done due to very valid reason I am not married till now.

And actually tbh also I didn't pass the phase of the first 10 messages idk why tbh so maybe you can help us all but sharing your thoughts and expectations, and maybe the weirdest thing ever happened here 😂


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Deleted User

Jul 28, 2021 13:45

Well for me I think the bio is very important. I don't care how someone is look like after the bio comes the first message he should be creative and special I mean everyone has a way to express himself.. I'm type of funny person so people who're so serious I'll get annoyed from them and maybe leave the conversation. I like talkative persons too who share their opinions with me. Those who are looking for how somebody is look like I won't be interested in them and picky men too


Jul 28, 2021 19:46

How can I know if a women is picky or I am a picky man ?

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Deleted User

Jul 29, 2021 03:26

You can't know if she's picky or not ! we can't be judgmental I believe that everyone has the right to choose his partner carefully
I didn't say you're picky


Jul 29, 2021 03:30

Thank you Fatima ☺️

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Jul 29, 2021 03:31

@Mohamed you're welcome !


Jul 29, 2021 17:48

For me, the important things are:

1. Photos, people (me too) will be interested first when there are photos. Because photos can help us choose members according to the type we want. When we don't have feelings for the type then we will leave without needing to look at the profile. However, there are also some people who are curious and will still click on the profile to find out who they are even though there is no photo on the profile.

2. Provide complete information about yourself and the person you are looking for, for example Age, Status (Single/Divorced/Separated), Height/Weight, Ethnicity, Nationality, Occupation (especially for male), Hobbies, aspirations, and character. Also include the type of partner you are looking for. It's okay if you want to write in detail, the more details the better, people will get to know you and judge if they match your personality. I personally have no interest in choosing people who only write briefly on their profiles. I prefer to read the details, because from the way he talks and the contents of his profile we can get to know him better.

3. The most important thing is that what is conveyed is truly an honest sentence, according to what is written, not made as sweet as possible to attract attention but does not match the character itself. Because when they become husband and wife, our partner will find a different character and recognize us as a liar. Do it honestly so that later it won't be a regret for our partner for choosing the wrong person who doesn't match their expectations.

You've been here for years and haven't found one as your match? It's a shame dear, when you're a handsome guy, lol, just kidding. I hope you find your soul mate soon, may Allah protect and bless you.


Aug 8, 2021 05:31

Just don't be too mysterious at least.. Lol
but please write a little bit to describe about urself n what the kind of woman that u looking for in the profile.😃
I wish everybody will find their soulmates n happy ever after.

abdo the pure heart

Aug 12, 2021 01:29

Without much talk and fallacies, the first thing a woman searches for in your profile is where do you live if it is in Europe or America!!!! Then you look at the rest of the picture, who you are, what you do, etc.....

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Aug 17, 2021 20:05

Interesting post, I guess it depends on person to person, some people are more inclined to what meets the eye, hence look at the pic without thinking though it builds your perception feeds your mind but what if it's not the real picture.
Some look at the words, some assess the cash in bag, but no one can truly know who's behind the words pictures or the profile.

In a management case study it was found that company A was cost efficient when it came to waste disposal whilst company B was inefficient cost wise, a deeper analysis reported that company A was throwing the waste in sea whilst company B was treating the waste in a more safe manner. The report might seem irrelevant but reality is no one knows the real us and only way to find one is communication, but who can do this and who knows if it is the right person or remains one.

But beware talking does gets your heart attached and ache and burn afterwards.

Not many people resort to this or these platforms so statistically the numbers decrease enormously, plus all the filters everyone uses as a way of guarding themselves further decrease the chances.

Nowadays, our Emman is so down that we try to factor in every aspect, whilst we should hold some solid criteria, we have none, in words of menk many of us won't have been here if our forefathers had these kinda criteria.

My condition is different, I am willing but not many rather any will be willing, I can't marry people older than me, I know it's halal but this psychological barrier may never end for me.


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