Tunisian situation 🇹🇳

Tunisian situation 🇹🇳

Faizzan Created Jul 27, 2021 04:10

As I observed about Tunisia ,
Tunisia is one of the most modern country in North Africa.
They are more European than European itself ( in term of feminism, lgbt , and other stupidity) .

Ongoing situation ( as I heard ) is worse now “ martial law “

I pray to recover this situation and the people of Tunisia must come back back to real Islam.


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abdo the pure heart

Jul 27, 2021 11:42

This is sad and unfortunate at the same time!!!!! We had hope for the success of the first democratic experiment in the Arab world. This coup against legitimacy will occur!!!? Will the Arab world ever know the values of democracy, justice and freedom?? Only God knows this


Jul 27, 2021 15:25


Actually democrasy is Hyppocracy.
Democracy sell the dream, but actually democrasy is a trape.

So called democratic western countries also NOT the democrasy, it's ruled by Dark world.

In democrasy if your ratio is 49:51 you can pass any law agaisnt humanity.

That's why you can see every democratic country has big space for LGBT and other satanic things.

I can explain more against democrasy if you want.

abdo the pure heart

Jul 27, 2021 22:16

The definition of democracy is the rule of the people themselves, who did not live under dictatorships cannot know the value of democracy!!! Dictatorship rule and usurpation of power, repression, justice, march by phone, muzzled press, and the conversation goes on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deleted User

Jul 27, 2021 22:23

Assalum alaikum
Islam is the best way of life for humanity. It is complete and fair. I am amazed that it is not clear to all Muslims.
Why would a Muslim want to follow any other way?
May Allah guide you abdo and me and the ummah- Ameen.


Jul 27, 2021 22:54

Salam brothers and sisters!

It is indeed unfortunate and shameful for the ummah but we should not fall into Shaytan's trap which is to distract us with things outside of our control; sometimes we're so preoccupied with the "Ummah's diseases" that we forgot our own.
Inchallah Islam will prevail so Muslims need to relax and know that all is in Allah's will.

Jazaakallah Khair.


Jul 28, 2021 08:42

Democracy is trap and satanic . You’ll never understand

abdo the pure heart

Jul 28, 2021 22:27

If you prefer a dictatorial regime!!!!!!!!! Whatever type is royal, military, Khomeini, ISIS!!!!!!!!


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