in America or even who lives in Somalia

in America or even who lives in Somalia

abdo the pure heart Created Jul 26, 2021 18:03

Hello everyone, what I have noticed about this on this site, why do those who live in developed countries look down on others!!!? And the one who comes from a third world country is definitely because he is looking for a residence card only!!!!! I do not generalize my respect to everyone who is in America or even who lives in Somalia

مرحبا بالجميع، ما لاحضته في هذا في هذا الموقع لماذا ينظر الذين يعيشون في البلدان المتقدمة نظرة إستعلاء و نظرة إستسصغار للأخرين !!!؟ و الذي يأتي من بلد من بلدان آلعالم الثالث حتمٱ لأنه يبحث عن بطاقة إقامة لآ غير!!!!! أنا لا أعمم إحترامي للجميع الذي في أمريكا أو حتى الذي يعيش في الصومال


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Jul 26, 2021 18:48

As salaam wa laikum,

Ok, I am sure some people are narrow-minded as that is common enough. I have found interesting ,intelligent and would think sincere Muslims from everywhere. Where you are has no factor but can prove a difficulty in immigrating. And the looking down on others can go both ways some assume because you are from a Western country you are ignorant in your deen or insincere.

But yes, there is a sense of wariness in speaking to a complete stranger that wants to marry you. The marriages that have ended in divorce due to scammers looking only for entry gives many pause. It is no excuse to treat someone rudely that has done nothing dishonorable. I am amazed as most are from countries where they should have a choice in Muslimahs to marry. Why go through the frustration of marrying abroad? There is the love of of other cultures and people that draws a person to look at a foreigner. It is understandable and normal.

And the number of scammers looking to de-fraud people has made most wary. However those showing they are living in countries that are wealthy are the biggest targets.

Personally, I am looking for other factors and as a Muslimah where you live may be better for me to practice my deen than where I am.

A note: Why did you highlight America and Somalia if being respectful?

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Deleted User

Jul 26, 2021 18:52

^Heartfelt...interesting comment.
But unfortunately, there have been many instances here where foreign men have married Canadian women for the PR card/citizenship only. I knew a guy like that and he left his Canadian wife once he came here.
So, understandably, western women are scared. They don't want to get their heart broken.
I agree we shouldnt generalize.
Plus, long distance rarely works out.

abdo the pure heart

Jul 26, 2021 21:33

Of course I am respectful, what is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a title to explain from the extreme opposite of poverty to the maximum opposite of wealth only


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