Umar Created Jul 22, 2021 13:44

Asalaam Aleikhum w. W how are you everyone today have fallen victim of a fraudster and she is called Jan having a Kaaba on her profile she is good at faking her network and good at building her story be aware and don’t fall victims


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Jul 22, 2021 18:08

Walaikumsalam. Sorry to hear that, brother. The truth is she will change her profile & still exist in this site. Personally I think this site is full with fraudsters/scammers (male & female). I hv been on this site for 6 months. Around 15 men hv written to me. Only 3 are real person. The rest are scammers. Now I hide my profile. I'm still here just to read the forum. May Allah will guide u to meet yr true spouse


Jul 22, 2021 19:54

Patience brother and learn from that.

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Jul 22, 2021 20:08

Lots of scammers on this site and admin too slow to act when they do.
Don’t ever send money.
I was a victim : he was known to the admin but nothing was done.


Jul 23, 2021 02:09

It's hard to be a victim ! but you've to learn from that anyway be patient and aware the next time
May allah grant you the right one ameen !


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