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In my opinion there are 4 types of people who are looking for a mate in online dating:

1. People who are successful in real life, have many good conditions and are known to many people, may also be a potential favorite partner. But he/she wants to find true love, someone who will love him/her sincerely without knowing the background of his/her life. He/she will even pretend to be poor, ugly, etc. He/she hopes that there are people from the world out there who have a pure heart to love him/her for who he/she is, not because he/she is rich, successful, famous, etc.

2. A person who dreams of living in the outside world from his/her current life, for example, he/she wants to meet people from other nations, he/she wants to be able to learn and know other nations and then love her/him and live with her/him for the rest of his/her life.

3. A person who is desperate to find a mate in the world around him/her because he/she may be too late, for example in terms of old age, while he/she is still single, and all the people around him/her are already married. So he/she didn't have another chance and tried to search the outside world with online dating.

4. Scammers, they have no other purpose than to scam, they just want to looking for good innocent people.

This is in my opinion about people who come to the world of online dating to find a life partner. So which type are we?


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Jul 16, 2021 09:15

There are many who are eager to marry in other race also


Jul 16, 2021 10:08

@faizzan, yes it's the another reason.


Jul 16, 2021 11:56



Jul 16, 2021 15:27

Salam everyone.!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Its refreshing to read logic and positive vibes around here.!!

All 4 points are accurate.!

Just curious Sis.
On which category are You?.

I myself suffured from the Point 4.!

Although (I am Not old nor desperate)... Since its critical for believers not have to loose hope In Allah(SWT) Mercy.. Marriage is one of Allah(SWT) Mercy.!!!🌹

Other that than that..

I can apply all 1 to 3 points on me..!!!

Thanks Sis..πŸ™

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Jul 16, 2021 23:27

Spot on. Good one.


Jul 17, 2021 21:40

Simple words but carrying agreat fact and real meaning, also maybe there is a kind of people who amixture between two types 2&3.
Any way Nice words and thoughts from you.


Jul 19, 2021 07:35

@SB313$, point of me maybe near no 3 lol. Hope you all will meet your mate soon, insha Allah we will not meet the no 4. Allahuakbar !!!


Jul 19, 2021 07:36

@Essentials2021 thank you, may Allah bless you to find your apecial one on this site, aameen...


Jul 19, 2021 07:39

@Ahmad101, yeah me on this point no 3, and also no 2. That's why I come here.
Hope you will find your life partner on this site, insha Allah, aameen...


Jul 20, 2021 04:07

This world is also weird. No, when someone wants to have a good relationship, wants to have the right relationship, wants to get married, no one supports him
Those who want to flood, those who want to be number two, those whose thoughts are dirty, people go to it. Why does this happen?


Jul 20, 2021 11:47

@Hameedshah77, May Allah give opportunities to those who have sincere intentions to try their best, the rest only Allah has the right to decide.


Jul 20, 2021 22:40

Eid ul Adha Mubarak to all and my best wishes to the people in occupied land of Palestine may Allah subhana watallah keep them save and in peace from the zionist entity. May Allah give you patience and strength to fight this evil baby killers entity. I wish peace and freedom to Iraqis from the evil zionist regime in US & A and from the Unislamic regime of Iran and from the zombies aka Isis. May Allah curse those who participated in destroying Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Libanon. In any Eid I always think about our Muslim Uma especially those who have nothing to celebrate Rohingya people, Uyghurs people. Remember them all, Wel-salaam Alykom.

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Jul 21, 2021 00:45

I think I'm the type 2


Jul 22, 2021 00:11

@Sameer Eid ul Adha mubarak, aamee ya Rabb al aameen...


Jul 22, 2021 00:12

@Fatima, may Allah grant your wish soon, aameen ... nice to meet you my sister, salaam...

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Jul 22, 2021 01:30

Nova_khadijah May allah grant you the right one too my sister
take care


Jul 23, 2021 04:57

@Fatima, aameen ya Rabb

abdo the pure heart

Jul 23, 2021 21:20

There is also a clean person who does not want to continue his life in the midst of dirt and escape from the rotten environment that surrounds him!!!! Finding the right person and living a quiet and clean life in obedience to God


Jul 23, 2021 22:54

@Abdo, may Allah grant your wish, aameen..


Jul 24, 2021 15:34

I am looking for online dating cos I can't find a good woman in a real life. All my neighborhood are westerners and they are godless people, so I can't start anything with them. Most of the Muslim women now are very materialistic, they just like to spend money and they can't get enough. Marriage means nothing for them. I feel like searching for a needle in haystacks.😟

abdo the pure heart

Jul 24, 2021 16:17

Unfortunately, it is the bitter truth!!!!! And everyone knows that everything in this world is on the way to demise and annihilation


Jul 25, 2021 16:27

@Abdo, may Allah always protect us, aameen...


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