Salaam. Make it easy for each other please.

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Salaam. Make it easy for each other please.

Essentials2021 Created Jul 13, 2021 03:47

Country of origin or ethnicity,Height,level of education,first language and brief idea about what are you looking for in a potential, is very basic and common info in a marriage profile.

Most of the sites has this options by default except this sites. This is weird. Except 1/2 profile I haven't seen man or woman anyone bothered to mention any of these basic info in their profile.

Without any of these basic,what should convince a person to take interest or encourage to check a profile?

How a person would konw, your profile is compatible from your list of your hobbies,or how you like to spend your free time or from your only statement that says,"ask me" or " I will tell you later" .

Is it meant to be a blind game to spend some time?

Even more weird is,if you take a search based on few fancy words about persons hobby and ask anyone any basic infos,,they get offended and make you feel like a stupid. Lol

Only they know how do they are try to make through? Or they are just fooling themselves... by creating a profile,thinking I did my part boy/girl now play yours in blind.

Try to avoid the common phrase like," down to earth,GOSH" etc,that maximum profile use,
Naturally everyone is down to earth and somewhat funny in the right environment. And a funny man/ woman can be violent as well. So those words doesn't determine anything.

Better give the basic points and leave the details for next stage to discover in face to face meeting.

Guys,add the basic info or minimum clue about your search and make life easy for each others. No one is perfect so the life is not meant to be perfect either. No choice but to work with imperfect and strive for betterment is life.

Please keep your comment constructive and encouraging for others.

Take it easy. Good luck for all.


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Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Jul 13, 2021 15:45

I don't have to explain anything to anyone, anyone who wants to get to know me will do it ,


Jul 13, 2021 22:16

@Abu Maryam. Really anyone who cares to know you will do after seeing that scary and awkward profile photo. Lol

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Jul 14, 2021 03:12

Why a scary photo ???))I think a very nice photo


Jul 16, 2021 04:24

I agree for thw basic information in your topic. But I do not agree to reveal our real name, address, telephone number, and any information that is very personal and sensitive regarding personal security.

Some people may not be ordinary people, maybe they are famous people, so they will not reveal themselves before making sure the relationship is going to the final stage and the people they meet are good people, not scammers.

Online dating has a huge risk of meeting many scammers. You have to protect yourself. Never reveal your real personal data to anyone, you must make sure you are dealing with people who have sincere intentions to find a mate or not.

We can share our real lives, for example about our age, work, hobbies, dreams and all the activities we do, but we don't need to share the authenticity of the location and the name.

What may be shared in general are first name or nick name, real age, gender, ethnicity, country, city of residence, type of work (not the name of the company where you work), hobbies, activities, email address/skype/hangout to chat and video call if necessary to determine who the person is communicating with us. For the telephone number if it is a business telephone number (name and address listed on the number) should not be disclosed as well. For chat and video calls better via skype/hangout, no need with whatsapp/telegram.

That's in my opinion, especially as a woman, it is very important to take extra care of yourself from interference by people who have bad intentions.

For photos, you can only provide what looks like a face or if you want more safety, give it a vague cover like the example in my profile photo, this is useful so that people don't use our photos to deceive in other places.
Take care to keep yourself safe, make sure you are dealing with good people not scammers. May Allah protect us from things that can harm us if we are not smart in taking care of ourselves.

Thanks for the time sharing.


Jul 16, 2021 04:31

To brother Essentials2021 please see my profile and give feedback. have I provided enough basic information? I'll fix it just for basic information. but I will not provide information regarding real name, real residential address, real work location, and telephone number. Only these 4 things in my opinion must be maintained until we really believe we have met our soul mate and he is a good person, not a scammer and we will enter the marriage stage.

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Jul 16, 2021 23:27

Nova _Khadija you got right and said it all. Good luck for you. Jzk.


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