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Assalam all, please update this list as per your convenience. Thank you. Allahafiz.


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Jul 16, 2021 01:32

Good idea. i had two, but i blocked them, i dont remember the names. It's easy to spot them, they ask for the Email adresse, or they sent you their email, and drag you there, sending you a lot of pics. Then they convince you that they want help for someone, or the opposite, that they work in the military and they want you to pay for a luggage full of money...

It's easy to spot them, they have messages very well written, like a marketing letter. !!

Good luck everyone !


Jul 16, 2021 03:17

Not everyone who use email for communication is a scammer. I'm the one who like to communicate with email. Because with email we can know each other better. We can share our thoughts and opinions about love, relationship, marriage, etc.
Only the one thing we should to know is when thwy start talk about need helps about MONEY, then leave them.
I have met more than 5 scammers, in the first communication with email, we get along, but in the final, he start to talk about need my help to support him money for the reason bla bla bla, and then I left him. It's very sad and make me upset, but I don't give up, I believe there is must an honest man waiting for me. I believe in Allah will protect us as what we hope to Him.

I'm sorry, my english is not good, maybe will use the wrong sentences.

Let's still believe in Allah will guide to the match He already prepare for us since before we born. May Allah bless us.

Nice to meet you all

Abrar Qureshi

Jul 16, 2021 19:20

Assalam @al manzor you're right brother
Assalam @nova welcome to this fantastic website. Ameen.

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Jul 16, 2021 23:33

Off line or online scammers are part of life. Like,diabetic or BP not a disease anymore. It's a very common physical status after a certain age and it's maximum people facing these days.

We need to learn,how to filter it. If you don't press a link from unknown source or don't send any money to anyone you are safe. Control is in your hand. Good week end to all.


Jul 17, 2021 06:04

@Essentials2021 yes, you right. Control is in our hand, as long as we don't send any money then we have nothing to lose except time and some time make our hearth sad because maybe we already want to accept him/her.

May Allah always bless us and help us to find the one who He is already prepare for us since we not born.

I'm sorry my english not good, maybe I write with wrong sentences.

Have a nice day



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