Faizzan Created Jul 11, 2021 07:51

These kinds of people will never try to find find wife / husband here on helahel.

1 rich/ succesful/ very handsome/ well settled business man /( because there will be many option surrounded by him/ her )


Day dreamer
Rich hunter
Gold digger
Can't find his / her dream match here.

If you are aware or know the real life reality.
If you know that in real life everyone struggle.
If you know that you can never find perfect in all things.

Then you may find your match here.


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Jul 11, 2021 15:25

I totally agree with you but still there are some people who don't wanna believe in this fact
May Allah grant us all pious and righteous spouses that will help us become closer to Allah and better Muslims ameen


Jul 11, 2021 17:21

Fatima . In this social media era , everyone living in dream .
No one wanna face fact .


Jul 11, 2021 20:57

I totally agree with you. Why would anyone, who has a lot of option around, would wanna come here and find some one. If I had options around me, I would not have think about it in the first place.

abdo the pure heart

Jul 17, 2021 17:05

Hello everyone, you are right, but I do not agree with you on one point that he must be beautiful !!!!! Even if it was a Casimodo (notre dame) !!!! But he has the other things you mentioned, he will easily find what he is looking for !!! I am starting to lose hope in this site !!! I have never sought beauty or material things as much as I have sought the one with a pure heart, honest and loyal, but it seems that I am asking for the impossible !!!!!!!!

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Jul 17, 2021 18:55

@abdo the pure heart
Please let's not kidding ourselves, you say you are looking for the impossible because you are looking only for pure heart, and you are not looking for pretty. -(I have never sought beauty or material things as much as I have sought the one with a pure heart)
I'm 100% sure that when you find a poor girl with a wonderful heart but not pretty ( not meeting the trendy scales of beauty) you won't even answer her massage. So please quit these cliched lines guys, because we all know you don't mean them.

abdo the pure heart

Jul 17, 2021 21:50

My respects, first of all I'm not lying 2 even if she is not beautiful (she is of acceptable shape) if she has a big heart, she will certainly enter your heart and vice versa, she may be super beautiful but arrogant and her heart is cruel, you will certainly be alienated from her 3 I am always satisfied with what Almighty God has divided for me Most importantly, it is not a requirement to be rich, but to be financially sufficient only to live Comfortable


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