For people who know Morocco

For people who know Morocco

Muhammad Created Jul 10, 2021 21:56

Assalamouhaleykoum dear brothers and sisters, I need help here!

I would like to know where in Morocco, there is still traditional islam: where there is sufi masters and traditional islamic schools ?

Thanks in advance


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Jul 11, 2021 17:57

Following this post, I come to know how ignorant Muslims are about sufism. So many have such a negative opinion about it.
I doubt that there is actually someone who understand it here.


Jul 11, 2021 18:00

I know Sufism in India and Russia , where they allow dance music etc in masjid ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Wait sending YouTube link ๐Ÿคช


Jul 11, 2021 18:46

You have a lot of sufi versions but a lot of them get their teaching from al-sheikh Abdul Qadir al Geylani. My understanding of sufism is when a person become sufi ุตูˆููŠ he will leave everything in life and only worship Allah. So day and night he stay away from the real life without working, in fact he will get money to eat from the donors ุตุฏู‚ุงุช I don't agree with this kind of life style cos you know working is also worshiping ุนุจุงุฏุฉ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jul 11, 2021 19:27

This is exactly what I thought, you'll have some big misconceptions sufism or tassawouf more precisely.
It is simply tazkiyattoul nafs, the purication of the self(ego).


Jul 11, 2021 19:44


Any deed which is not done by our prophet ( muhammad SAW) is NOT Islam .

In Sufism dances music, leaving alone, meditation in the name of ibadat They do .

But in real Islam only those things are considered as ibadaa which is proved by Muhammad saw and his companion.

If you do other than that
That will called as VIDAAH , and vidaah lead you to do kufr and Allah never forgive kufr .

The concept of Sufism is FAAAAAR FAAAAAR away from Islam .


Jul 11, 2021 22:42

Muhammad, it is not easy to do Tazkiattoul nafs ุชุฒูƒูŠุฉ ุงู„ู†ูุณ because we must work all the time but if someone can give you money every month, you may leave the whole society and follow the Qadiriyya tariqa ุงู„ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉ ุงู„ู‚ุงุฏุฑูŠุฉ , I think this is not practical to leave the whole society just to be with Allah, this is not the Ibadah that Allah want from us. Aside from what they do in all countries like putting a knife in the head and in the face and in the belly and eat glass. Al Gillani was a hanbali sunni madhab but other sufies can be Shafรกi madhab. Anyway I follow only Ahlulbayt the Prophet progeny. Read about Ahl al-Kisa and ุญุฏูŠุซ ุงู„ูƒุณุงุกโ€Ž Hadith-e-Kisa. See the links?




Jul 11, 2021 23:24

I cant agree with you more in regards to the types of sufism you guys are referring to like dancing to music or cutting themselves....I'm part of a Sufi brotherhood called Muridism, there is nothing we do that is not based on Quran and sunnah, we condemned as much as you do what you're describing. It really saddens me that this is the only image people have of sufism nowadays without knowing that it's always been part of Islam practice by the great imams like Al Ghazali and defended by the likes of Imam Malik.

Our sufi order teaches us that in addition to the outward forms of Islam(fiq), we have to inwardly purify our heart protecting it from such things as envy, arrogance, greed.. it teaches us to be aware of Allah all the time..it teaches us to fear Allah even in our interaction in worldly life like not to cheat just because No one is going to find out. Basically everything that the prophet psl has taught us but in our cultural, economic and societal context..
Please do more research on this matter before condemning it. I would recommend to listen to Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murals, an English schooler who talks about this matter objectively.


Jul 11, 2021 23:30

@Samer you seem like a reasonable person
As you know, there are many Sufi orders and not all say that you have to leave everything in Dunya. Take my tariqa for example, it first pillar is xidma(service). In addition to worshipping God, working and serving people is the most important things to us. We farm hectares of land and with the money, we build mosques, quranic schools with the money, feed the poor etc.


Jul 12, 2021 02:41

I only know one the thing.
Deeds which are proved from the Quran and aunthentic Hadith are real Islam .
Most of the activities of Sufism is NOT found in any authentic Hadith .
Such as Dancing, leaving family for the sake of Allah , chanting Allah name without praying farz salah , most of the so called sufis are not even praying SALAH while in Islam salah is most important ibadat

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Jul 12, 2021 16:13

There is no such things in morocco. France deleted every look of Islam or Arabic from Morocco and change them to France culture. And if you see them they think they are cool speak and acting like French people poor them๐Ÿ˜‚

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Jul 12, 2021 16:15

sufi is not islam


Jul 12, 2021 18:25

Fake news, Muslims are not Islam. Islam is Islamic. Algeria occupied France for 120 years. All the French now speak Amazigh. Napoleon Bonaparte occupied Egypt, all Egyptian speak Napoleonian. ๐Ÿฅณ


Jul 12, 2021 18:40

Talaha .. very well said . I also realised it in Moroccan life style ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Jul 13, 2021 01:14


I'm going to explain one last time..
Islam has never been an individual oriented religion(everyone does his own stuff kind of thing), instead it's always been a community oriented religion. In the time of the prophet psl, he had his companions next to him and they formed a solid unity unified by Allah. Now, real Sufi brotherhoods try to recreate that environment where the Sufi master the most learned and God fearing amongst them with his companions strives in the path of God, giving each other support and motivation.


Jul 13, 2021 01:26

It's sad to admit that anything that I will say, would only increase but ignorance to you because you've been poisoned by a rational driven aqida. You can't believe miracles performed by awliya or things that are beyond the mind. You're still trapped by western, modern thinking patterns which says that if the mind can't grasp it then it's not true. In one word, the problem is "ignorance".
It's Only now that people who don't know the six tenants of Imam, have a say in religious matter, it's just sad.


Jul 13, 2021 04:22


In simple langjauage. Deeds which are not proven from muhammed SAW oe his companion is NOT NOT NOT a islam.

Activities, which are usually done by sufis are not proven,
Dance, music, etc

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Jul 13, 2021 04:32

miracles ended when prophet peace be upon him died, no more miracles in earth after the last prophet. So please don't speak about ignorance when you believe that a human being (who is just as same as you) who is not a prophet can do miracles from Allah... Allah gave prophets some miracles so people can believe in the massage.... But Those people you admire are just Wizards they deal with jinn... So please open your mind a little bit and read about Islam from the right sources.


Jul 13, 2021 13:11

@Samer. Don't put words in my mouth, I'm not defending dancing or singing or anything like that..

Now, do you know all the ahaadiths ?
Tell me, did the prophet psl did zhikr, did he seclude himself for worship ?
If you want to be that literalist, the prophet never used internet and youre using it, arent you in the haram rn?
There is two things in shariah called "ijtihad" and "tawil" which is basically interpretation and derivation: it's not haram for a muslim to choose to fast on tuesdays because even though the prophet didn't specifically do that, we all know that voluntery fasting is a sunnah. Also there is a principle in Islam that things are halal by default which means as long as there is nothing to forbid it specifically, it's ok. This means it's for the accusator to provide proof not the defendant.
Tell me seriously how many Islamic books have you studied ?


Jul 13, 2021 13:20

There are "mouhjiza" and "karaama".
Only prophets can perform "muhjiza" but anyone by the will of Allah can perform a "karaama". Now, in English we call both miracles, there isn't a word for each.
Now, do you know the story of Al khidr, he wasn't a prophet and his miracles was mentioned in the Quran.
If you studied the stories of the sahabas, you would know that they have perform many karaamas


Jul 13, 2021 14:23

Karaama is nothing itโ€™s called acceptance of dua .
Sahaba never done karaama , sahaba always used to pray to Allah .

Sahaba was the one who struggled more than us .

Sahaba used to live empty stomach,
They had financial , social , and every type of difficulty


Jul 13, 2021 16:34

Muhammad, If your read my comment you will see that I didn't accuse you of anything. The other guy above did. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Jul 14, 2021 01:52

Lol sorry, I'm very passionate about this subject ๐Ÿ˜‚
As I said I think you're reasonable person, I respect you brother.. May Allah guide us all!!

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Jul 14, 2021 05:31

karaama or miracles or what ever. If they are not prophets or Sahabah of Mohamad peace be upon him.. Then why do you care what they do? We take Islam from Quran and from the Sunnah and from prophet's Sahabah, translated to us buy the trusted Olama'a none els and even they we don't worship them or sanctify them.
Those people who you admire so much they are just people like you if not deceitful wizards
Why you let them mislead you?

One last time please read more about islam


Jul 14, 2021 06:00


Enjoy this video ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Jul 15, 2021 01:04

Barakallah fiik!!
You have the right to express your opinions..

Now, let's go back to my original question, does anyone know of a place in Morocco, where there are still traditional Sufi masters or traditional islamic schools ?
If you don't know please keep silence, thank you !!


Jul 15, 2021 17:40

I searched for you and I found this website about Fez festival of Sufi culture. Are you looking for a old Sufi place in Morocco? There is a Sufi place between Morocco and Algeria but I don't have the name, some people commented on a clip on YT that they know an old Sufi place there. Anyway I didn't understand you about the "traditional" Islamic schools? I know Moroccans are sunni Maliki madhab in general. Here a link...



Jul 16, 2021 01:24

Assalam alaikum wa rahmato Allah.
I'am from Morocco. I have to say something. First of all, The largest subset of Muslims in Morocco are Maliki. like Kuwait for example, and i have to answer miss "talah" from Kuwait, she knows Dr Tariq Al Suwaidan of course, and she must know that he had two teachers from Morocco. Shikh Boukhabza, and Dr Farid Al Ansari. And Dr Suwaidan the last time he visited Morocco, he said "I would like to see more books of Moroccan scholars in the middle east, you have everything about us, but we have a great lack of your knowledge in Islam, and i learned a lot from it, and i want others to have access to that knowledge"

As i said i'm from Morocco. And let me tell you that the Morocco's Ministry of Islamic Affairs, is the richest ministry in the country, more money spent on it than the military !! And about what the miss said about france and Morocco, know that this year, Moroccan ministry of education will start the program of teaching arabic in france !! And Morocco is sending every year scholars across Africa and Europe.

Every Quranic School in every part of the country especially in the mountains, have a special treat from the King himself, sending them money and equipement every year and encourages all the big companies in every city to do the same with the imams of quranic schools. Spiritual knowledge and balance is well treated in Morocco. But you have to look for it. There is some events that only scholars know, for example "the first Thursday of agricultural Mars" they call it .. there is a gathering in a little tiny city in the south, called Taallat !! Tallaat is a berber name of a women who loved the disciples of Quran, and she always cooked for them, or gave them money. So when she dies, they made a date called by her name, where every Quran School sent her best disciples to gather there and represent the school. The first week is for men, and the second week is for womens..

I will not talk about sufism, there is a lot of schools, as every part of the world, if you know what way you want, Allah will make it easy for you to attain. But keep looking into you firstly. I dont know where are you living right now. But in every city in Morocco, there is a center for every school.

And above all, do a lot of study before talking. Especially the Critics !! The angels are writing everything you say. Everything you write. And dont say things, just because you heard them, especially bad things. Because Allah warned us, to not believe a lier, or anyone, and dont repeat everything we hear without knowledge.

May Allah forgive us all, and guide us to the true path. Indeed we live in a tough time. But believe me, islam right now is better than the past 50 years. The information is easier, and al hamdolillah there is a knowledge about islam, all over the world that is better than the past. Even if in the media it appears to be the opposite. But islam is better today alhamdoli'Allah, and we are going to be better inchaa'Allah, just be positive about it, and trust Allah. Always trust Allah, islam is a treasure ...

I'm not always on this site, so forgive me if i dont answer about this comment, and forgive me if i made a mistake or anything,

Assalam alaikum wa salla Allahu wa sallam ala Muhammad rassuli Allah.


Jul 16, 2021 20:40

Mouhaleykoum salam wa rahmatoullah brothers.

Thank you for going your way to do research for me. I will look deeper into that inchallah.

Like Samer, you are a reasonable! Thank you very much for your input, it's helpful coming from an actual Moroccan. I'll take your advice and ask around, the only problem is that people have such a bad opinion of sufism that even asking about it makes you a less of a muslim.

But anyways, as long as we carefully study pur belief and have a pure intention even if we're mistaken Allah is the most merciful.

Thanks to the critics as well because of them we had a thoughtful discussion here and I'm sure it shed light on this rarely discusted subject.

Jazaakallah Khair.


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