abdo the pure heart Created Jul 5, 2021 23:26

Salam ALAYKOM, Why manipulate !!!!!! If you are not serious why waste time on unnecessary gossip and give false promises !!!! If you are not interested, reply to the correspondent's message with respect and apologize and show him that you are looking for another personal profile sitout !!!! This is one of the morals that our honorable Prophet taught us sala alah alayhi wa salam
لماذا التلاعب !!!!!! إذا لم تكن جاد لماذا نضيع الوقت في دردشة عقيمة و وعود كاذبة !!!! إذا لم تكن مهتمٱ رد على رسالته المراسل بإحترام و أعتدر له وبين له أنك تبحث عن ملف شخصي أخر هذه من الأخلاق التي علمنا أياها نبينا الكريم صلى الله عليه و سلم


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Jul 6, 2021 18:13

True people should not waste other people's time on unnecessary gossip when they know they are not interested.

abdo the pure heart

Jul 6, 2021 23:45

The strange thing is that you might have been in contact for months, and in the end it just suddenly disappears, and the strangest thing is that the last communication between you two tells you that it is is OK after it blocks you squarely !!!!!! Why this hypocrisy !!!!!!


Jul 9, 2021 22:35

calm down ! next time you should be aware
not all women are the same why are you spreading negativity!?


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