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Talah Created Jun 7, 2021 03:39

Why some men want elder women?


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Jun 7, 2021 05:17

Age in marriage doesnot matter as long as there is love compassion understanding and compromise. I think most men want elderly woman because they have these attributes and want to keep the marriage for good.


Jun 7, 2021 05:19

I have seen most girls marrying elderly men. Society doesnot look down to them. Then why they make fun of young man marrying old.😐

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Jun 7, 2021 06:11

older women have life experience, wisdom,and know what they want ,such qualities are very rare among young women. young woman have almost no such qualities,

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Jun 8, 2021 02:47

I keep asking that myself


Jun 10, 2021 05:03

I think this is hard to accept because alot of times a women might think that the marriage won't last a lifetime. So there is sense of lose of security. Although there is no guarantee in any marriage but one hopes that the small age will make a long lasting marriage. In the end -- only Allah knows what is best for us.


Jun 10, 2021 06:27

Well Bangalicanadian I didnot know about insecurity for life long marriage. I think most of the women think about the society and people. They think what people will think about them if they marry a young one. Even the western women thinks let alone Eastern women. They dont think that people will always talk and troll. They dont think that they wont be doing wrong as Islam has allowed it and they also keeping themselve out of haram.
It fitted deep inside the human nature that they will be in need of soul mate all their life so wheter you do it halal or haram, it is up on you.


Jun 10, 2021 09:45

If you want to learn how to drive a bicycle, try to buy an old one. Whatever will happen, the old bicycle will cost you nothing, you just throw it away. This is a Dutch saying. They mean, with an old woman everything can be easy, not too much demands but with a young woman is too much headache, do this and do that, buy this and buy that. They think men are bankers and they can provide everything. I do like an old/ mature women cos most of the time they think logically and they have enough self confidence.They can discuss a lot of things and know a lot of things.

Nowadays women, know only things from their schools /universities and from the social media. They never try to read books/ Ebooks about other things in life. You can't talk about gardening or about how to clean the house in the right way and in the save way, you know that house detergents are full with chemicals and they can harm your lungs. I am sure a lot of women never thought about that. I don't want to talk about how they cook. Too much heat will kill a lot of vitamin and for green things like spinach, heating it for long time can cause food poisoning. This is 0.1 % from the knowledge that I have. I am sure they never heard about that simple information.


Jun 13, 2021 23:54

There is nothing wrong with an elder women, in matter fact, an elder wife as well as an educated, wise, smart woman is the kind of wife who will make the marriage works.
But unfortunately most men tend to look for a young naive girls, only because they are running from their past. I know it because I know a lot of men who had done wrong in their young eges and afraid to meet women who are like them, they say: I rather marry a naive girl than marry a smart, or an old one who I don't know her past. It's more like the thief who thinks everyone are stealing and can't trust no one. This only my opinion.
Other than that, there are actually a lot of men who are honest and don't mind the age as long as they meet a decent woman.


Sep 14, 2021 06:21

I can't add anything. You have said it all. Maturity, most important. Most young girls are not as intelligent as older women. If you are man what you want, this may be a good option for you. If it fails, then you may consider buying more time so as the current young girls grow up so as you find them whrn they're mature
I can say, most guys go for younger guys because insecurity, they don't to be mentally challenged. They prefer to "teach" their girls in stead of learning from each other
The society also talk "a lot" if its sometging diff from the norm. Thats why some women fibd it a bit technical to accept younger guys. Financial stability may be a factor for rejection, also
Anyway, best wishes for whateer your preferences is. May Allah make it easy for us all


Sep 14, 2021 07:31

Men who like mature women are men who are looking for a quiet life, lots of attention and lots of love. Because mature women are more emotionally stable, do not like to argue or fight.
Young girls are generally more selfish, get jealous easily, and spend half their time stylish and doing the things they love without paying attention to the needs of their husbands. That's the opinion of some men who choose to marry adult women.

But that doesn't mean all young girls behave like that, quite a lot of young girls are mature-minded, so age is not something that is guaranteed.

For me personally, I also prefer mature men over young men. But if you ask me, am I willing to give a young man a chance to love and marry me? I will not refuse the answer as long as he sincerely accepts me as I am, and I hope that the age difference limit is not more than 15 years, like Mother Khadijah and our Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah.

The household life of the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah and Mother Khadijah is the best and most perfect example. Despite their different ages and social status, they were united by Allah to become the best role models for humans. And our Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah did not practice polygamy until Mother Khadijah died.

Hopefully all of us who are here and really looking for a life partner to complete half of the deen will be met by Allah with the right person who suits our needs. Don't forget to share your success and failure stories in this forum, hopefully it will be a good life lesson for all of us, salam.


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