What do you think

What do you think

Talah Created Jun 3, 2021 20:09

Hello, do you recommend another website with more realistic people? Write a name


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Jun 3, 2021 22:19



Jun 4, 2021 10:08

Mohammed. Miskeenah is free or paid?


Jun 4, 2021 11:03

I don't understand why you complain so much. There are enough "realistic" people here, so the website isn't the problem. You're likely just being too picky. And a new website probably won't help if you just continue to ignore messages.


Jun 4, 2021 17:55

@Farid You're 100% right! They wanna something they will never get!


Jun 5, 2021 15:36

Really, there are realistic people here. I just wish there are no scammers and liars among them. But its unfortunate.


Jun 13, 2021 00:58

Muslimah.com es nice


Jun 13, 2021 19:40

...says the one who describe herself by not wanting men from middle east and Africa...and she is from middle east !! You are not realistic yourself...


Jun 15, 2021 04:39

There are many matrimonial and dating websites but they are not free.


Jun 18, 2021 18:02

You have two kind of websites, free and paid membership. From both you can have some kind of success. But no guarantee from both ways. In my experience all dating websites are not build to make singles happy, cos they want more people stay single. The reason behind all of those websites are money.

For the free websites, they generate money from the advertising that you can see in your and in other profiles. Every click you click to a profile they can get some cents/ pennies. How many time you do that a day? Even here in the forum they make money. Every single click we do they get something.

So when they have old profiles and fake profiles from scammers, this will help them. That is the main reason they can't clean all of that. I hope people here stop talking about the admin. They are just business people and they give you something and get something back in return. 😎

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Jun 19, 2021 00:36

Wondering if Talha is real ?

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Jun 19, 2021 00:40

No, I'm a robot


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