Dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine

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Dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine

Revertsis2014 Created May 16, 2021 18:04

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all who are reading this I ask for them to keep in their hearts the men, women, and children dying at the hands of illegal rocket attacks by the hands of the occupying force of Israel. The fact that this started on eid is no coincidence. May those affected find the strength to persevere. A day will come when the Palestinian flag will fly over all of Palestinian Alhamdulillah


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May 16, 2021 18:07

Insha Allah they will win in last.

There is a authentic hadith.
According to that Jews can never demolised Al aqsa.


May 16, 2021 18:31

Oh God, grant the people of Palestine victory, pride, victory, power and prestige in the hearts of their enemy, may they heal their wounds and release the families of their prisoners. Oh God, grant victory to their Mujahideen, O Lord of the worlds.

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Deleted User

May 17, 2021 15:42

In this cruel world May God help the oppressed people of occupied Palestine


May 21, 2021 19:41


I am sorry to tell you no dua or any demonstration will work. Simply all western countries is waging wars against Muslim Uma since centuries so to solve the occupation we need a country with nuclear and military capabilities. The west are afraid from a strong countries and not from a weak countries. Look at North Korea no one dare to come near them. All Muslims countries all weak countries. And all Muslim countries are not united with themselves. The only country was a real thread was Iraq and now Iraq is occupied by the Zionists west and Iranian Mullahs, and they are parasites, they keep stealing everything from Iraq. Of course Saddam wasn't trying to make an atoombom otherwise they will never tried to wage a war. Arab leaders are like b**ches every western leader can f**k them any time they want, sorry to say that. We need good Muslim leader to wipe those Rothschild Zionists thugs.

I don't believe in Dua, I believe to make changes within our self and to work hard to have a nuclear wapen. This is the only language the western mentality can understand. Til that time come we will be killed everyday in our Uma. And don't talk about the UN, UN is their house and they play with it for their on agenda, the Zionists agenda.


May 23, 2021 03:58

Post this one very gud for me.
Allah give those brother & sisters much peace. Inchallah


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