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Accordingly to some psychology experts, that 80% of women are materialistic and 20% of them are the pure love,. In Over 80% of women, only 10% of men can handle them, the reason why divorced is popular.


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May 5, 2021 01:20

It is true only 10% of men can handle it, and the reason behind the spread of divorce.....But... in consideration.....
There may be a problem in the marital relationship, and there is no doubt that this section is one of the most dangerous doors, because a rift may occur that cannot be treated, and among the causes of slipping into forbidden pleasure is the weakness of the sense of responsibility, and the primacy of self-interest and individual pleasures over the interests of the family and marital duties......
What limits the problem of divorce is spreading societal awareness of the consequences of divorce and its damages, and the resulting family distraction, and negative repercussions on children....... Here, the role of intellectuals, family reformers and the media, by focusing on these issues, and raising awareness, to enhance family stability in society......

We also advise those who are about to get married, by choosing a good partner, culturally, financially and socially, and that they know that married life has rights and duties, and that they assume their responsibility to the fullest, so that they build a happy family life............


May 5, 2021 06:58

I believe 95% are metalistic ( gold digger)

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

May 5, 2021 15:39

I completely agree with the author,


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