Why people subscribe to this site

Why people subscribe to this site

Larmo Created Apr 27, 2021 23:19

I guess for marriage but i noticed that many are there not knowing what they exactly want i found a woman and i mentioned clearly that i am ready for islamic marriage but it turns out that she wanted to play games and it was a big waste of time and my advise to such kind of people is fear allah the almighty and know that you will be held accountable for your acts


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Deleted User

Apr 27, 2021 23:23

If you want a real Islamic marriage I advice you to go to another place this isn't the right place for an Islamic marriage many hypocrites here and fake people better try elsewhere I wouldn't risk marrying someone from here it's completely out of place many fake people Astaghfirullah may Allah help us


Apr 27, 2021 23:31

You are right sister thank you and may ALlah grant you with the righteous husband

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Deleted User

Apr 28, 2021 00:14

Ameen you too

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Deleted User

Apr 28, 2021 01:41

I don't know what's happening here but many are dissatisfied with the people here which shows the state of the ummah

May Allah guide us

محمد محمد أبوزيد

May 2, 2021 04:29

اللي ناوي شيء أن شاء الله. انوربنابيدبرله أموره.
ولكل امرءمانوى.


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