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Many of us in here ain't genuinely looking for a spouses solely for the sake of Allah with sincerity. Our qualities on focus upon a spouses are just far more contrary to that of Quranic and Sunnah. Most of us doesn't really represent or fit to be described by our Biographies we put on our profiles. We are far more different from what we claim to be and what we are looking for...thats why no success stories of nikkah in here. To be honest...women are the ones to be highly blamed for this entire drama...full of excuses...
WE ARE IN NEED OF KILLING THAT HABIT.!!!May Allah purify our intentions in our searching and grant us the best of spouses Aameen


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Apr 24, 2021 21:21

Salaam, The real drama is not women or men.
I think you forgot to analyze the website itself. Most profiles here are old profiles and they activating them daily, this is automatically done by a software. So 99% of the profiles here are not real, they are fooling us all. I am here to search only in 1% that are real and they are mixed with genuine + scammers profiles. And scammers are very fools so they can't fool anyone. I hope everyone will think about my words and be cool. We live in a fake time.

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Apr 25, 2021 00:06

Thats why you should not rely on this site its not real people here are so fake what they write is not who they are so fake and exaggerating it's better someone doesn't even write on their profile coz probably it's like a cv they only write the good things the bad things you know about once you maybe move to the next step... Too much impression people trying to make its better to be yourself than act nice and yet you aren't.. And another thing as much as women aren't genuine of cos some, some men are not genuine too you can't Imagne the things women go through here maybe that's why they lost trust and the they probably are too careful if only I could show you the screen shots of the things some men do here you will stop blaming women everytime.. I suggest pray hard ask Allah for guidance and guys stop complaining too much instead cry out in sujud only Allah knows our fate not this forum

Abu Maryam.Salafi.

Apr 25, 2021 01:46

I completely agree with the Author,----brothers do not despair of the mercy of Allah, in truth, the absence of a woman in your life, and even more so of women like most on this site, in truth, can be a mercy for you ,,
-----Allah Almighty said, " It may be that you are displeased with what is good for you. And maybe you love what is evil for you. Allah knows, but you do not know." (Surah al-Baqarah, ayat, 216)


Apr 25, 2021 04:44

@Samer: Salaam; Subhana Allah...i didn't even know that at all...how did you make that analysis...how were you able to come up with a such hypothesis please?
It really does make sense and i could really do agree with you.
Maybe thats why i have observed some good and serious sisters being deleted their accounts from this platform right?


Apr 25, 2021 04:52

@Miss Real; Subhana Allah...well explained ...my sister i do agree with you 100%. I wonder why some people tend to pretend to be what they are not? Why would someone promise to give what they can't be able to and what they don't even possess?)😞Its a sick world.

Then i guess we are all (male/females) to be blamed...for i thought its more of women cos they are the ones i have been dealing with ...without realising that the women are also victimised in a very same way by many men in here.

May Allah make it easy and open our doors to the right and best spouses Aameen


Apr 25, 2021 04:55

@ Abu Maryam Salafi; Thanks brother...Alhamdulillah! Nicely put bro, Allah will show us the way and grant us from the sources we never expected...we just have to make decision and trust Allah. Aameen

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Apr 25, 2021 09:09

Partially true
May Allah guide us an purify us. Ameen


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