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Abu Maryam Created Apr 8, 2021 16:15

Ali (r. a.) also tells about what his property was on the day of the wedding: "When I married Fatima, we had no other bed but one sheep's skin. At night we used it as a bed, and during the day we used it as a carpet to sit on. At that time, we didn't have any servants." Asma binti Umais (r. a.) says about the poverty of the newlyweds: "When Fatima and Ali got married, I was preparing their bed. Their bed was made of palm fibers. Ali arranged a wedding feast. To do this, he pledged his chain mail to a Jew for a sack and a half of barley."


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Apr 8, 2021 18:55

SubhanAllah! the simplicity!

Blessed are we with this religion of Allah


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