women of Islam,

women of Islam,

Abu Maryam Created Apr 8, 2021 02:35

Another trait inherited from her father's daughter, in addition to patience and endurance – she was able to be content with little in life, which has a special value in Islam. Even her dowry consisted of the four hundred silver coins they had earned from the sale of the chain mail. This chain mail was previously given by the Prophet Muhammad Ali. According to the standards that existed at that time in those places, when compared with the dowry of the inhabitants of Medina, Fatima's dowry was very modest for those places – it did not include diamonds, gold, or expensive things.

She was content with the smallest things, like her father, and longed with all her heart for Heaven, for the other world in which she longed to be in her father's company. The wedding celebration was organized with the same money that had been taken from her dowry, and with the same funds, all the utensils for the newlyweds and their home were purchased – it was not a rich thing: a pillow stuffed with dry palm leaves, a mattress like this, and some other dishes.


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