Beware of Hypocrites

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Beware of Hypocrites

shainazy Created Apr 6, 2021 18:35

Salam alaykum ....all my dear sisters in Islam beware of men in here some of them are not even real...they will leave you broken heart....in particular beware of a guy named Muhammad M from Pakistan with this number +923229275319....he is not serious at all he is a hypocrite... ladies please beware he might change profile may the managers of this website block him entirely.... Many women have suffered a great deal...he will tell you I am a doctor willing to relocate ...May Allah protect all of us in here from having evil intentions


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Apr 6, 2021 19:03

Why would one be heart broken ? Open eyes before you open your heart to someone not even your halal!!


Apr 6, 2021 19:06

But since you mentioned this,heres one of which I complain about : he's so called Ahmed,70 years old,germany,004915143421527. He twists the religion to fit his desires and may manipulate unlearned females ,weaker in faith and language


Apr 7, 2021 00:36

Rule number one that everyone here should understand do not be attached to anyone you have never met, why would anyone be heartbroken by a stranger anyway let it be a lesson to everybody normalise halal and let's avoid chit chatting with people we clearly see aren't serious anyway may Allah help us


Apr 7, 2021 00:58

When you give your heart to the creation instead of allah

Allah will test you with them...


Apr 7, 2021 09:51

True @Nur


Apr 7, 2021 12:29

@Tawakul i have seen it with my own eyes, when people wish to please others but displeased allah, Allah humiliated them.

Ali abu huod

Apr 11, 2021 13:37

Mashaa Allah
This is a very important topic and I wanted to talk about it, because it happened to me too, and I am a man, but not by fraud.
But what I would like to say is that a person should not surrender his heart to anyone before he is able to meet with someone who talks to him, and I do not mean by that lack of seriousness in seeking to find what you want, but do not give your heart to anyone until after making sure.

Ali abu huod

Apr 11, 2021 13:40

The marital relationship must first be based on obedience Allah Before everything and then everything will be fine insha'Allah


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