Racial preference or not?

Racial preference or not?

KK3 Created Mar 21, 2021 15:54

Assalam alaikum warahamtullah

Do you think racial preference is a contentious issue? Personally, I’d think race should not stop you from considering someone for marriage but one can have preferences. Why not?

I think we agree that if our families prevented us from marrying someone solely based on their race, that’s unequivocally wrong. Piety should be at the top but if we can choose partners based on their wealth, looks, personality etc in addition to piety, why not?

What do you think?


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Apr 4, 2021 18:58

ALLAH didn't create us differently without a reason . Interracial marriages can be successful and having having differences is beautiful.
Allah said in the Quran that he created us different so we may know one another,same as He created the earth spacious enough for is to migrate from the land of kufr to better,safer places.

I ask Allah to grant us understanding of His pure and beautiful religion. Ameen


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