My thought about most people I see online

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My thought about most people I see online

smartzy1 Created Jan 7, 2021 10:31

In a nutshell, I think most people trying to get into a relationship through online platforms like this actually want what seems very difficult to achieve offline.

Whats your thought on this?


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Abrar Qureshi

Jan 7, 2021 15:47

Assalam. Majority of the ladies are there to chit chat, feel good about themselves when you give them some form of attention. So they will not take anything further seriously.


Jan 14, 2021 06:22

^^Not true .. well at least for most women..
I can say the same about some men. They also seek validation.
I can’t speak for others but usually the problem with online sites is distance.


Jan 14, 2021 08:52

The distance not a big problem if the two people see that they r good to each other. But most of the ppl here r fake!


Jan 14, 2021 09:26

Not everyone can afford to visit someone living in a different country. Sometimes, there are visa requirements. Meeting someone in person is way better than communicating on the phone.


Jan 14, 2021 19:36

Distance can be very problematic, There are so many issues/loopholes you have to jump through, then you have to convince your family. It's not like a Hollywood movie where you can move to country within a week and get the same level position in your chosen career.
issues may include ...

- Visa/Citizenship (Gaining citizenship is not always guarenteed)
- Cultural differences
- Islamic differences (some cultures may intertwine their culture with islam which can cause a clash of differences)
- Education (Parents of educated children will almost always want their children to marry someone who is also educated)
- Career progression (If you decide to move country you may have to start at an entry level position which may mean a lower salary ect...)
- Language skills (You would have to accurately speak the homelands native tongue in order to progress in that society)
- Covid - 19 has come in play which makes international travel almost impossible for the next few weeks.

This list may seem trivial to you, however It's what runs through my mind when considering looking for an international spouse.


Jan 17, 2021 12:46

Most women here looking for a toyboy and/or someone that can splash cash. None of them are serious or Godfearing.

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Deleted User

Jan 17, 2021 14:32

Staq forollah, did you say they are looking for a toy boy or some one that can splash cash and not god fearing

am sorry but how did you worked it out to get this conclusion.


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