Any success stories

Any success stories

Admir Created Dec 26, 2020 03:12

Any one i start talking with ends up deleting profile or being a fake im a good guy may Allah bless us with righteous spouses
I'm From midwest usa


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Dec 26, 2020 04:32


Back in the 1970's and 1980's used to be able to find really good white American girls in Midwest, but skirmishes of the late 1980's, hate books and hate movies changed all that in early 1990's.

Even growing up in Kuwait, I used to see many mixed marriages, but now I don't see any!

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Dec 26, 2020 19:14

Am getting confused


Dec 26, 2020 19:44



Jan 1, 2021 09:06

Lots of success if you consider a bunch of fake profiles of women. They will fall in love with you, promise you things, and of course ask for money. LOL


Jan 2, 2021 19:05

None. I'm looking in Ukraine again. There women even their late 30's look good. I was there but didn't find anything long term. Only got used for zex. Once I was sitting in balcony in beach town of Odessa fighting mosquittos. This girl in Kyiv wanted me to come that night. I only knew her for a day or two, I didn't want to run to Kiev for nothing. Next morning she was furious that I was still relaxing in Odessa. I ran to bus station. Even in small Mercedes bus, she rang me many times. I had to text her my distance everytime I saw a board. In Kyiv we took metro to her apartment. Bought some veges on the way. She cooked and fed me. But nothing worked out long term!!!


Jan 13, 2021 04:43

I am noticing that the nice ones (ones actually serious about marriage) are all the way in the States. None or very few from Canada here (most are not serious). I would suggest to the original poster is to ask his family members or friends to introduce you to someone. Also, do not rely on someone’s profile. Most people like to exaggerate their qualities online which is fine, after all it is in our human nature. Even if you do not like their online profile right away, give them a chance to meet them in person. You will be surprised that you actually like them after all.


Jan 19, 2021 11:05

Amir, she thinks you and I are nice ...sorry just me...she said American not British lol


Jan 22, 2021 15:18

Only one success story off this site https://youtu.be/dlu504XxrYA


Jan 22, 2021 19:53

I don't understand the obsession many brothers have with Ukrainian women! There are hardly any muslims living there... Is it all about looks Amir?


Jan 22, 2021 19:56

This the ...... time I try to find a second wife, but most profile are just fakes. And it is impossible for single men to find a wife, let alone polygamy.


Jan 23, 2021 17:10

@ HamzaJosiah
Looks are important, and they're the first thing that attracts the other half.
If a gorgeous woman stands in front of you, you will directly be attracted to her, you won't think for a second about her personality.

Same if a muscular man stands in front of a woman, she will be dazzled. Beauty is bewitching.


Jan 23, 2021 20:39

Hard to belive peaple in internet i see many profils not open again have a long time, they create this profils to try this site and when want go dont delete the account and this is problem the admin here must make automatic delete for who dont open for a long time

Abrar Qureshi

Jan 23, 2021 23:33

@Mohamed good point. Like the profile should be deleted after a few days after inactivity. Maybe the high number of profiles is benefitting them in some way.


Jan 24, 2021 15:30

@SamirDZ1982 Ageed on the looks.. I was mainly gettng at specificly seeking a woman from Ukraine which has a very low muslim population... I honestly think some people need to be a little more realistc with their searches... You can't complain about not finding a match if your only searching in a specfic country that has a very low muslim population just cause you like their looks....


Jan 24, 2021 17:02

HamzaJosiah You should know that you can marry a woman from any country if she is a believe in the Creator. Muslim women are the worst women. non-muslim women tend to be more civilized and have more humanity in them. In the Quran a person is muslim disregarding his or her belief as long as they bbelieve in one Creator, the day of judgement and they do GOOD in their life - they don't hurt others physically or emotionally....- and they don't make other deities or partners with the Creator.

All muslims worldwide are polytheist, they put the prophet Muhammed as a partner with Allah. They also take orders and fatwas from sheiks and imams, scholars......etc, while Allah orders us clearly to follow ONLY the QURAN.


Jan 24, 2021 17:03

@ So look anywhere, as long as the woman is kind and you like her, don't mind the belief or nationality, as long as she is not a polytheist.


Jan 24, 2021 23:19

I spent 2 years of my life in Ukraine. There's mosques in Kyiv, Kharkiv (Harkov), Odessa, Bakhshsarai, and a simple one in Lviv with a Ukranian iman who learnt Arabic in Yemen.

Miss Chocoholic :)

Jan 24, 2021 23:39

SamirDZ1982 I am writing on the behalf of alot of women who have messaged me about your pig behaviour on here !
I have just read some of your replies on here and wow you are a DISGUSTING dog pooo off a HUMAN BEING. You dog !!! You keep frowning upon Muslim women and moaning and complaining constantly you cant acheive your shallow intentions!!!

Well then guess what - GO MARRY A PROSTITUTE!

You are better off with a prossiee. You dirty desperate lonely pathetic piig like ‘Amir’ guy who just want s.e.x. You dont have any respect or regards to any understanding of how women should be treated or wanting an actual civil marriage or have a sunnah intention of marriage!

So go to your street corner and get your NON MUSLIM WOMEN TO TAKE TO YOUR LONELY BED! Release your first wife I feel sorry for her marrying you in first place! Damn you and damn all desperate mummy boys who are on here to preach fukkkked up made up Islam fatwas from your arse - holes ! Hope you remain lonely or better off -
You all need to be registered on the PEADO REGISTER!
Your mothers love was not gratified whilst you grown into big old hairy sleeezy men and now you are after hate to all women! Sad bastardsssssssss!!!! Women should not show their pictures to you and I hope they keep blocking you! Wake up and see reality!


Jan 24, 2021 23:59

Miss Chocolate doesn't even deserve to be called a bee-yatch for she's an outright bitch.

Miss Chocoholic :)

Jan 25, 2021 00:03


Miss Chocoholic :)

Jan 25, 2021 00:06

PROUD OF IT ASWELL ! You old man you won’t get no young woman to be your wife... you need to get lost from here and go to your retirement home and pay the women there to look after your MENTAL BRAIN. Shove Ukraine up your small minded ass hole! Lol


Jan 25, 2021 08:58

Salam to all,
Where is the sense in all that?
Please pause and reflect, won't you?

Regards to all,


Jan 25, 2021 11:39

@ miss s**t
You manners shows clearly here, may the curse of the Creator be upon you and the likes of you who claim to be muslims yet their attitudes and characteristics are those of hypocrites and devils.
I am not lonely I have a lovely wife and three adorable kids, suck on that ^^

If I find a second wife, then that's great, if I don't I'm really great nonetheless.

To be fair and honest prostitutes are better than you.

Miss Chocoholic :)

Jan 25, 2021 18:20

You can’t admit you have wandering desperate eyes with desperate needs and oh am not stopping you - go marry a prostitute ... shes qualified in giving you one thing that your first wife avoided because you are a ugly vile piece of s**tttttt of a human being. Women should not be allowed near you ..Your first wife has been used and abused people like you who are that bored of commitments go running for model wannabe to satisfy your pervy needs. I hope the next woman will sort you out. Just like Karma - it exist remember that.


Jan 25, 2021 19:23

@ Miss Sh*itaholic
You definitely are as ugly as it can get both from the inside and the outside, and as I have said, a prostitute is way better than the likes of you.

My needs are non of your concern. You might find a pig to get laid with, good luck

Miss Chocoholic :)

Jan 25, 2021 20:43

Why are you using all my words as a come back you thick little alien brain. And stop spitting your dummy out I already told you YOU suit a prostitute so go marry her. It is not haram either if she ends up converting - youl need abit of good deeds in this world - seem as you have done nothing but hate on Islam and marriage and women all your life. Moaning and complaining using womens beauty as excuse to abuse a woman. Time to grow up and improve your cowardly two-faced behaviour.
Am glad these women told me about you now ... I can see exactly how much of a desperate looser you are.
Feel sorry for your kids ! Cant fully support one wife and now after another to give her a hard time, all because of of your sad old willy. You are just a sperm donor. End off.


Jan 25, 2021 22:11

Psychoanalysis of Miss Chocolate is that she's too ugly (no photo) to attract a man so she posts photos of desirable ladies on helahel to see what responses she can provoke out of men, which is why the interactions here seems so like bot!


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