Do you know any matchmaking WhatsApp group ?

Do you know any matchmaking WhatsApp group ?

Faizzan Created Dec 19, 2020 03:16

Assalamu alaikum.

I want to know, if you know or if are a member of any WhatsApp matchmaking ( matrimonial ) group of your country please do add me.

Helahel is okay but I want more options too.


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Deleted User

Dec 23, 2020 09:00

Helahel isn't ok...it absolutely sucks LOL...you may want to check Facebook...I believe there are some matchmaking there. You are in India and there should be a lot of good women for you there...you don't need this site.

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Deleted User

Dec 23, 2020 12:11

Alaikum Salaam Fazzian

The 2 most popular sites in Europe are singlemuslim.com and muzzmatch... I've never heard of a WhatsApp group

Abrar Qureshi

Dec 23, 2020 15:48

@faraz really? Matchmaking on Facebook? Never heard of it. Hope it's not like this place.


Dec 23, 2020 15:51

@faraz ... Bro Facebook matchmaking group is nothing just a timepass group..
Lots of flirting ,


Dec 23, 2020 15:52

@hamza I guess these sites are paid one ...

I know Muslima. Com also which need huge payment..

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Deleted User

Dec 23, 2020 22:20

Wasalam to all brother virtual dating is all the same at the end every thing is qadr there could be people who have registered and found their luck in a short period of time and there could be people that have been on this sites forever. My advice is that our first option should be via the traditional and prioritise the local one. there are alot to consider in marriage thinks like language, calture food.

We should also prioritise the one that matches our pockets.

Personally I disagree with the gold digger word that alot of us mentioned in some of the forums.

Hope I haven't offended any one

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Deleted User

Dec 24, 2020 01:15

Sadly they are... What's worst is they are not even owned by muslims... The businesses have seen a opportunity in ''Muslim Marriage'' and have got their claws into it...
However the sites are safer as users have to go through a ''photo self verification'' that matches their profile pic so scammers can't easily operate on the sites.

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Deleted User

Dec 24, 2020 01:22

Brother Faizzan may be if we put more effort to the local sisters we may find one with the beauty the iman and akhlaq.

Abrar Qureshi

Dec 24, 2020 02:24

@just me very True. But I also liked it when you mentioned food 😁


Dec 24, 2020 08:50

Referrals through family/friends are probably the most ideal. Online, unfortunately, doesn't always attract the best people. In fact, I think in some cases, it attracts the worst kinds. I just dealt with another difficult situation today elsewhere. May Allah protect us all. Ameen.

Btw, brothers, don't be afraid to report abusive behavior.

Miss Chocoholic :)

Dec 24, 2020 13:51

And SISTERS..... dont forget to add that!


Dec 24, 2020 14:41

@just me ... Yes right bro


Dec 24, 2020 14:42

@farid.. right


Dec 30, 2020 18:53

spouse can be gotten from anywhere but the most important thing is to know at least 60% of the persons' character.... referrals from family and friends still remain the best...May Allah grant us his guidance.


Dec 31, 2020 10:11

@Al ameen you are right brother

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Jan 1, 2021 09:09

Faizzan, I still think the best place for you to match with a girl is right in India. There are so many nice girls there. If I could go to India or Pakistan trust me I would.


Jan 13, 2021 05:01

The problem with matchmaking sites (Facebook or dating websites) is that people have too many choices nowadays and in the end they become so picky as if they are shopping lol. You would find such people still single. I suggest not to rely on someone’s online profile because frankly, everyone exaggerates about themselves (human nature lol). My point is to try to find someone who you can meet in person. Let’s say you find someone online near you but you still do not like her profile....GIVE her a chance to meet in person. You’d be surprised that you actually have so much in common with her. When we become too picky and judge people only on their online profiles... we lose good potential partners. You can also ask your family members or friends to introduce you to people (that’s way better than online dating).

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Jan 14, 2021 18:19

Hey Salaam Walikum all, just a quick reply to Hamza’s comment in relation to Muzmatch and Single Muslim. I’ve been in both and they are not what they claim to be, they are the English version of Match.com


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