Do you like WINTER more or SUMMER ?!

Do you like WINTER more or SUMMER ?!

Princess@ Created Dec 14, 2020 18:31

So it's raining day and all the ideas are moving around while sheltering in home!
I tried marriage sites and apps before, and I will try it again now until it works and I to find my partner!
Life could be colorful and full of hope when you never give up your beautiful dreams!
A dream could be reality with hope and strong will!
Do you agree? Life is colourful for you more in Winter or Summer?


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Dec 15, 2020 17:07

I love winter


Dec 16, 2020 19:39

I lover winter, especially in Europe when it snows and the leaves turn a golden brown!


Dec 17, 2020 06:02

Fall (Autumn) - there're 4 seasons, you know! I'm allergic to the spring season.

In reality, people from hot climates like winter and those from cold climates like summers. That's why you find so many Scandinavians in Spain during winter. In the US people hate snow and wish to move to Florida.


Jan 2, 2021 18:43

AsSalam alaykum wa rahmatuAllah brothers and sisters! I love winter and spring. I'm looking for a sister for a nikah. may Allah be pleased with us subhanahu wa ta'ala. I was in Turkey and I really like being in Turkey in the summer. but want to move in winter to see winter turkey. You are looking for a husband and I am ready to marry you insha Allah. and here brothers and sisters are witnesses of my words!


Jan 3, 2021 23:03

Summer...I love warm weather...women wear less in summer so it's better lol


Jan 4, 2021 22:35

Just hit the beach then. Lots of nudy beaches in Varna (Bulgaria).

I was on beach in Crimea (Krym in Russian) in summer and it was so hot. I ran to McDonald's on beach for AC and even they didn't have AC!

seyed farzad 🌹

Jan 8, 2021 01:55

Your biggest problem is women with less clothes! Change your view of women to grow your thoughts ...
Without falling in love and becoming a real حلال(not in permit in your mind), the naked body is not important 😊😊😊


Jan 9, 2021 06:42

Babajan bebakhshid....relax....you can like clothed women...let us who wish to enjoy half naked ones enjoy it.

seyed farzad 🌹

Jan 10, 2021 23:48

Hello dear brother am calm and relax just I wished that sexual attitudes in society would end.Because such a society will not grow....... اگر منظور من را بد متوجه شدید از شما عذرخواهی میکنم شاید لحن گفتاری بنده برایتان ملموس نبوده امیدوارم موفق و سربلند باشید


Jan 17, 2021 06:42

Farzad, no problem...we are both Shia brothers...I am not offended by what you said...Khodafez Farzad Jaan. best of luck to you!


Jan 22, 2021 20:40

Summer or Winter, same to me, I like a beautiful and kind girl more ^^


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