I want volunteering project in any country

I want volunteering project in any country

Faizzan Created Dec 12, 2020 13:36

Hello everyone,
I want international volunteering projects in any country ( reason is, I like traveling and volunteering provide me cheap or free accommodation)
You know any genius volunteering ngo please let me know .


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Dec 13, 2020 18:31

During my high school I read in National Geographic, life is only a journey so why not take the high road. I took the high road. Once I had a small chat with a guy and he said, sounds like a movie, and I said to myself, and I was just talking about ordinary things with him!!! Today, I see my lesser educated brothers and sisters ahead of me financially and I regret it.

Even the volunteers aren't really volunteering. I met an American with law degree in a hostel in Yerevan (Armena). Peace Corp people staying in villages used to cometo the capital once a week to clean up. I asked him why he did it. His answer was that serving in Peace Corps increased his chances of finding a federal government job.


Dec 14, 2020 06:42

@amir indeed education is not a gurantee of wealth.
In my city I know many illiterate or less educated who are millionaire.. They good stablished business.
I personally love traveling ( though I have never visited outside of India) that's why I researched about volunteering,
And I really found volunteering is the best and cheaper way of travelling.

That's why I want..


Dec 14, 2020 16:19

Assaalmualikum Faizzan,

It is kindoff risky to volunteering in this covid era but if you still want then you can. I not sure about getting free accommation but i have seen United Nations has international volunteer opportunity. https://www.unv.org/become-volunteer/volunteer-abroad. I think it great to give back to communities with the skills and knowledge vasted in us. Afterall a majority of us dont have monetary resources like Bill Gates, so giving back through our time and effort is good start. Every little bit counts.


Dec 14, 2020 17:33

Walaikum assalam...
I have already created account on United Nations volunteering..
I'm regularly applying for different countries volunteering projects.
They usually provide free accommodation and some pay also.

But it very difficult to get selected.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions...


Dec 21, 2020 11:44

Assalamu'alaikum Faizzan

Have you heard of www.couchsurfing.com?
It is a traveller platform where hosts and travellers meet. Travellers can stay at a host house for free, often they give you meal too. You can stay every where in the world as long as there are people who offer their houses and accept you to be their surfer.
There are so many of them who travel and work at the same time.
Some pay so little for their transport, they hitch hike or they volunteer in a boat. I have not been a surfer yet. May be someday but I have received many surfers
Check-it out. You may be want to be a host as well too. Oh, do it when this pandemic has gone please.
Good luck.


Dec 21, 2020 13:38

@lili walaikum Assalam...
I know about couch surfing ...
I even tried also for that .


One thing I realized after researching on it ..

" In couch surfing WOMEN easily get host , while for men it's tooooo difficult to find a host "

If you are European white male , then you'll get easily host .

But if you are a male couch surfer and from South Asia or Africa then it's probably impossible ( if you'll show off that you are rich man then you'll get easily )

Unfortunately but this is real truth behind couch surfing..


Dec 21, 2020 15:47

Some may do

In my experience and I read on my surfers' review that does not apply to us. Regardless their country, I look on their email and their review. If it says good then I will accept. I host Indian family before corona. If you happen to be around, you can stay with us. We have such a guest house for surfers and family


Dec 21, 2020 17:46

It's really nice to know... Probably I must research more about it


Dec 21, 2020 20:44

That's why we say here, white is right!

Even in Ukraine, when girls dated white Americans/Europeans they were willing to date guys livongin hostels, but for everyone else you'd need to have an apartment in the city center to attract them.


Dec 21, 2020 22:29

@Amir ... Yea true I accept this fact ...


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