Don't Believe any one on this Site

Don't Believe any one on this Site

Moazzam Created Dec 6, 2020 02:13

I firmly Believe that 99.99 % Profiles are Fake and .01 Is real like me. Otherwise be Carefull from Scams


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Dec 6, 2020 09:57

Salam to one and all.

Fully valid point you have raised brother.
My point/question is:-
What is the point and purpose of hurting (by scamming) someone's else feeling, is it to feel superior or clever or both?!!
This is a verse from the Holy Quran for all to remember and ponder about
They plotted, Allah plotted and Allah is best of the plotters (wa makroo wa makra Allah wa Allah khair Al-makreen).

I just wonder, is is it not best practice for the Admin to validate/authenticate an account upon creation and it is time to purge/delete all 'invalid' accounts?

Salam and regards to one and all.

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Dec 7, 2020 14:11

I agreed.

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Dec 7, 2020 21:13

I agree

yesuf hasen

Dec 15, 2020 05:59

i agree

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Dec 15, 2020 23:39

Yes i totally agree! seems like they prefer quantity not quality, I dont believe we women should have to parade our pics either if there are hardly genuine people on

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Deleted User

Dec 16, 2020 05:07

So agree


Dec 16, 2020 08:42

Agree !

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Dec 17, 2020 21:44

Someone somewhere should do something about this Site, if there are claims of such fake people/ profiles/ no successful marriages


Dec 18, 2020 04:10

It's a free site, so yes, that's possible.

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Deleted User

Dec 18, 2020 06:12

This is so true...a girl from Georgia, supposedly, wrote me and said let us communicate by SMS...no girl from Georgia knows what SMS means...


Jun 15, 2021 05:12

The bad thing about this website is that it's free and it allows anyone to send messages for free and that includes a lot of scammers and unserious people whereas, other websites that require payment to send messages include little scammers and more serious people.


Sep 27, 2021 03:00

@abbas.ali, in stead of complaining while we are here, why can't we consider deleting our helahel accounts and sign up in those payable sites or apps with little or no scammers at all?. I fear, we may enter the group of women who are ungrateful despite favours granted to them. Allah says; a few of my servants are grateful. I know believe the 99.99%. Helahel has really aided us but we're just seeing the negative part of it. Surely, they're also trying to fight scammers! What most di they gain by our numbers?! We're not paying anything. Its more of an aid to us than them. May Allah reward them. Am sure, they're running at a loss because of maintanance and operational cost.

Mistrust. I was also filled with negative attitude toward the internet. Mind you I was told the meaning of internet is "enternet", get inside the net! You know fish and the net things? Yes, precisely that. But I think like this, am a Kenyan! My data is being sold to US military, may be. What will they do? Hack my phone? Kill me? Even if the do that, they don't need your data to kill you as a muslim. They can just bomb you! What will you do? This mentality don't make sense, to me. I repeat, to me only, not you. I believe in Allah's protection. Even if all the humans gather to harm ir benefit you, they won't be able to do so except for what Allah has ordained them to do. Not politics; but how many times people want a certain person be the president and you end up complaining that the election is rigged! Meaning, you want aid a person outside his qadar and so is harm

What I think when I read these posts is that our imaan and trust to Allah is very low. We're fearing makhluqat and forgetting our khaliq. Allah taught us via Ibrahim, Muhammad, Musa, Yusuf, Isa, and essentially all prophets but we never believe

May Allah increase our iman

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Oct 8, 2021 02:26

I mean it’s not like any of us is famous or super wealthy here.. so not sure why men complain of so many fake profiles🤷🏻‍♀️ It could be that maybe some women are after your citizenships (if you actually reside in developed countries) so you think they are scamming you.. This can make some of you men resentful and bitter because you think how come women dont love you for your personality... even though some men do the same.. they either marry women for citizenship, looks or money etc.

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Deleted User

Oct 8, 2021 02:27

Just a heads up

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Deleted User

Oct 8, 2021 02:29

My point is none of us is a famous person here.. it’s usually famous/wealthy ppl who get “truly” scammed e.g. there identities get stolen etc. So you men have nothing to worry about


Oct 8, 2021 16:10

I don't totally agree !


Oct 10, 2021 12:23

Neither don't I totally agree to that figure. 99.9


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