My dream life

My dream life

Faizzan Created Oct 17, 2020 17:54

I personally tired of this money race.
I believe peace is biggest wealth.

If we have million dollars and if we use sleeping pill every night, then our money is waste.

If we don't have peaceful life then banglow, car bank balance all are useless things.

Recently I came to know the value of peaceful life.

Being Muslim, follow deen ( which make you distract from unnecessary depression)

Finally I would say about my DREAM LIFE.

" I want a village ( preferably) in cold country or worm weather country ( Mediterranean country)

A small house in village, with cows, hens, "


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Deleted User

Oct 22, 2020 08:32

Best wishes for your dreams may them come true

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Deleted User

Nov 8, 2020 23:36

As ~ Salaam Alaikum brother,

What they fail to tell you about the money race is there is no finish line so your chasing it all your life.
The only way to find peace is to be at peace with Allah.

I would also recommend you look into making money online. for instance I'm a commercial lawyer however I have many e-commerce stores that I drop ship products from.

I'd advise you to buy a book called ''The 4 hour work week'' It really helped me setup extra ways to fund my lifestyle.

Remember it's not how hard you work in life its about how smart you work!

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Dec 21, 2020 12:06

Make it happen bit by bit. You will get there. Insha Allah. Good luck


Dec 21, 2020 13:32

@lili ... Thanks a lot

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Deleted User

Dec 21, 2020 14:13

Salam to one and all.

Be patient, Allah SWT rewards those are patient - if not in this world then in the world after, in shaa Allah.
Keep up the duaa, always.

Regards to all.


Dec 22, 2020 03:52

@patience walaikum Assalam.

Yes you are right..
Insha Allah we'll get


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