♥Peace and mercy of God

♥Peace and mercy of God

boica Created Oct 15, 2020 00:36

I have a question for girls and women in the West, why do they think that every eastern man corresponds with them, especially the Turks, because he wants a travel visa, or that he enters for entertainment, or that he is deceitful and has the belief of polygamy fixed in his mind even though we are human beings like the rest of humanity we love and hate and we marry and divorce and we believe in judgment and destiny and everything In God Almighty’s hand only. I hope the West will correct its idea of ​​us and consider us like the rest of humanity to share, and we make mistakes


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Oct 20, 2020 20:08

well my dear bro i can only appreciate your kind suggestion bt as we all know that eastern soil contains more humanity's values,philosophical views n as well as spirituality than western lands,,comeon they were the major roots behind last twice world wars n also they are on proxy wars against eastern nations,,Pls don't waste your time😊

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Deleted User

Oct 22, 2020 03:10

Don't consider one for all there are always exception, InshaALLAH brother you will meet the one exceptionally and exclusively made for you, kardisham, don't loose heart every society has good bad best and worst.
Moreover the brother is asking it from Western women.

A Woman of Contrasts

Oct 29, 2020 04:23

Well, Brothers, if I may speak plainly ...

Some of us Western women on this site seek a good, kind and decent husband. Unfortunately, approximately 40 scammers have responded to me. Five men were looking to make me a second wife. About 10 young men have asked me to sponsor them, with one man saying his life was in danger in Afghanistan. Three very young men - all about 20 years old - openly insulted me for wanting marriage. One told me that I have "one foot in the grave." I expected so much more from an Islamic site. I am a Muslim woman who seeks a Muslim husband. Why are there so many dishonest men on this site?


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