Why are so many Muslims obsessed with marrying a partner from the West?

Why are so many Muslims obsessed with marrying a partner from the West?

HamzaJosiah Created Oct 14, 2020 20:37

As ~ Salaam Alaikum 🕋

Every time I login to my profile I see messages from sisters who want to know me because I live in the Western World...

It makes me sad as they are overlooking partners from their own country or a country they haven’t even considered....

The western world isn’t all roses...

I have lived in the UK most of my life... here is a list of problems the uk has...

~ The western world has a massive amount of racism and islamophobia...

~ Capitalism has taken over our lives and cultures... ( a lot of Muslims that live here have lost their spiritual connection with Allah due to this culture of materialism and wanting to buy everything.

~ They know teach LGTBQ in schools that teaches children that it’s ok to be gay even if your Muslim.

~ There is a lot of crime here now (for example; around 20,000 people where murdered last year in USA)

Please think carefully if you are considering moving to the western world. Don’t sacrifice your opportunity to reach Jannah just to live in the west.

Live in a country where you feel you can practice Islam to the best of your ability.


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Oct 14, 2020 22:05

Masha Allah


Oct 14, 2020 22:18

Allahu this is spot on.

Jazakumullahu khyran


Oct 14, 2020 22:18

Alhamdulilah what a wonderful inputs

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Deleted User

Oct 14, 2020 22:52

Well, It is the media that is selling them fairy tale dreams. Not their faults.


Oct 15, 2020 14:35

👍 Brother,,really agree from your views because there are a lot of crimes occuring against girls like molestation on Schengen lands..well if girls wanna include in these graph of crimes then itzz all abt the will of Almighty n their fortune.


Oct 15, 2020 14:53

Because they want money.

Peace Guy

Oct 15, 2020 18:31

Amiin brother!
I was born in America, and I got out of the USA just in time. I watched it go down, and now it's even worse. Many Muslims here in Palestine want to move to the USA to make money, and I tell them to keep their sanity and forget about riches. Money won't do you any good if you become like them or get murdered.

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Oct 15, 2020 22:10

Woow MashaaAllah nice points


Oct 16, 2020 22:09

I just hate how the western world has tried to destroy all Islamic countries in the name of so called democracy , when it was all about oil and being a puppet for Israel.

Seriously though the west has sold its soul to the devil...


Oct 17, 2020 14:00

well everyone know they have manufactured n still manufacturing uncountable lethal weapons which are enough capable to spoil the smiles of humanity for a thousand times n we still thinking that they are well developed n scientific culture even they don't hve a vaccine for a virus😁 ,, everyone knows who is the giant trader of humanity's blood tears n dead body as someone known him as uncle sam,,on earlier centuries of 18,19 they transformed lumsum evry nation of this land into slaves,molested humanity's rights n as u know they are now very serious abt the fundamental rights of humanity,,so weird,,They also created the series of world wars n as u know now they are the ambassador of peace,,very interesting🖕


Oct 17, 2020 14:59

don't hate them even they are not worthy of our hatred's attentions,,make a smile on their destructive n greedy intentions,,jzt try to make realize them that we are not afraid of them,,we have the power of knowledge n opinions,,we have the ink of pens,, Actually western society's direction of opinions are very oriented to capitalism n we can indicate them as peoples with narrow,sick n weak intentions,,


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